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Opened: 2006-2020
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com
Owners: Lixur

HFFM, abbreviated from HabboFunFM, was a Habbo Fansite that opened on 6th August 2006 and closed on 28 August 2020 after merging with ThisHabbo. Before the Merge it was an Official Fansite for Habbo.co.uk and was also official on the international hotel until closing.

The fansite was founded by Carnio.. Their radio was in constant competition with Habbox since its induction to ensure they got the most listeners. HFFM had many dedicated staff running a wide variety of departments, including News, Events, Graphics, Forum and a Radio. Before the introduction of the Marketplace, HFFM ran their own Rare Values system as well.

HFFM also had one of the biggest archives of Habbo images - over 11,000 alterations for free use, and many useful guides, including information on furni, pets, account safety, scams, theft and scandals. They also posted new badges, badge guides and Habbo competitions, often with answers so users can easily finish the quest or achieve the badge.

During 2011 and late 2012, Carnio began to phase out the Habbo content on both the forum and main site, reportedly because of the "fierce fansite rivalry". Eventually the main site and radio was closed while the forum was rebranded as a gossip site called TotalGoss with no Habbo content. TotalGoss later closed due to lack of activity.

In September 2012, however, Mammoth joined Carnio as the site owner and resurrected HFFM with a new design and many new features in Version 10.

In a surprising turn of events, HFFM merged with another fansite, HabboHub, in December 2012. HFFM stayed as the dominant domain name and the admin team was expanded to include HabboHub's admins, including Joshey who became the Head Administrator. This boosted its statistics greatly, bringing in almost 3,000 posts per day and a large amount of radio listeners.

On the 20th July 2013, HFFM management announced a new social network, called Connect, as part of their version 11. People who register to Connect could post photo posts and video posts to their own profile under a unique username. Other users can 'like' or 'dislike' posts, as well as follow other users and be followed themselves.

On 28th August 2020 HFFM, which was at the time one of five official fansites, announced that after 14 years they would be closing. The site again merged with another fansite, this time ThisHabbo which kept their own domain name.