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Habbo Mobile App
Release date: May 2014
Category: Mobile Games

The Habbo Mobile App is an application that was launched in May 2014, allowing users to download an app to play Habbo on a phone or tablet. The app includes most of the features that you would get on the PC, with some functional differences. The app was originally launched as an iOS application, meaning it was only compatible with Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Later on it became available for Android users too, also for free and including the same features as the iOS application. The app requires an internet connection to play and is free to play, but it does offer in-app purchases. These can be disabled if the user does not wish to use them.

In 2022 a new Unity version of the app was made available to beta testers which allowed better cross play with the new Unity Client.

Classic App

On loading the app, you will be prompted to choose the specific hotel that you wish to visit - .com, .br, .es, and so on. You can log in using the same Habbo account that you have for the browser version or you can also log in via Facebook if your account is so linked. If you do not have an account yet then you can register by tapping “I don't have an account”. Please note that you have to be over 13 years old to use Habbo. After logging in, you will be presented with a list of all available avatars on that account.

Buying Credits on the mobile app has a slightly different interface to the regular client, but with the development of the Unity Client it is expected that both desktop and mobile versions will match as seamlessly as possible in the future.

Unity App

In May 2022 Habbo advertised for beta testers who could test the new version Android version of the app, which was created with Unity just like the new Habbo 2020 client. An open beta was launched in June for anyone with an Android device to join [1] and in July Habbos were able to pre-register for the app in the Google store to receive a Gold Alien Hat when the app was released [2].

Once the new Unity Android app is released, the classic app will be delisted from the Google Play store, and it is expceted that the new app will be available for iOS devices in the future [3].

Android pre-registration


Habbos who use the mobile app raeceive free gifts on their first use. The Alien Hat is given to users who log into the Android app, and a HiPad Vendor to iOS users. The Gold HiPad Vendor was given out to celebrate the first 1 Million downloads. The Gold Alien Hat was given to users who pre-registered for the Android Unity app. The H-Phone was given to users who logged into the 2022-released iOS app between November 1st and November 7th.

Name Image
Alien Hat
HiPad Vendor
Gold HiPad Vendor
Gold Alien Hat


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