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The pickall option box

The Command :pickall is used to pick up all of the furni that you own in a room. It was first introduced back in the Summer of 2009 (during Release 36), but it was never officially announced in a Habbo news article. If the command is used in a group room, only your furniture will be "ejected/picked up." However, if you used :ejectall then all the furniture will return to the corresponding Habbos inventory.

On the 20th of October 2011, Sulake updated the "Pick Up" and ":pickall" command so that the furniture you own "flies" into your inventory when it is picked up.


There are 3 exceptions when it comes to using the :pickall command;

  • Pets - Pets are not picked up when using this command, they have to be picked up manually.
  • Sticky Notes - Sticky Notes cannot be picked up from rooms, they have to be deleted if a user no longer wants them.