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Pad of Stickies
Release date: 2001
Rare Values
Category: Accessories

Stickies, also known as Stickie Notes, are a customisable type of wall furniture which can be placed into user-created rooms. Stickies were first introduced during Hotelli Kultakala, the predecessor to, and can be found in the Accessories secition of the Catalogue. Upon their initial release, one pad of Stickies contained thirty individuals Sticky Notes and cost three Credits, before the amount of stickies per pad has reduced by ten to twenty Stickies at the same price of three Credits. Depending on what characters you type onto the Stickie, between fifty to seventy-five words can be used. Following the introduction of Duckets, Stickies can now be purchased at a price of 150 Duckets, effectively making them free.

Stickies are traditionally used to provide instructions for Games or Campaigns, as well as to display the rules of a room and the requirements for levelling up in various Roleplaying rooms. Certain games and mazes have also used hidden Stickies as a mini-challenge which users need to locate in order to progress to the next level. Oftentimes users allow other players to write comments on their Stickies; something which became more widespread with the advent of the Stickie Pole.

Despite their long existence in Hotels, Stickies have undergone minimal changes throughout Habbo's history, with their interface being edited only in 2002 and as part of Habbo Beta. Deletion of Stickies remains possible only through the room owner (also formerly through Hobbas) via the Sticky-interface, as they are not subject to the Command :pickall or Command :ejectall client features.

Colours & Designs

Stickies were originally made available in four different colours:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Yellow

Prior to 2005 it was also possible for users to edit the hexadecimal code of a Sticky Note via a scripting program and thus own Stickies in any colour. During 2004 this was supposedly patched and almost no scripted Stickies remain left in the hotel, with the only known ones being located in Eh . . . . owned by Below.. Up until Habbo Beta these Stickies would still visibly show a scripted colour on walls, however they now correctly display a yellow appearance on the wall and only display scripted colours when double clicked.

Sulake have released four official variations of Stickies as part of various Campaigns. The oldest, the Heart Stickies, are released during Valentine's periods and are often unpopular due to poor text readability. For unknown reasons they also have two separate, albeit identical entries in the furnidata of the hotel; meaning two types of Heart Stickies technically exist in the Client.

The other designs, all of which were released into the Stories section of the catalogue, can be viewed in the Gallery. They are:

  • Stories Christmas Stickies — Released during Christmas 2013.
  • Feather Quill Sticky — Also referred to as the 'Shakespeare Sticky', these are the only set of Stickies referred to in the singular and were released the beginning of March 2014.
  • Stories Dream Stickies — Released June 2014.
  • Summer Lovin' Stickies — Most recent design, released 17th June 2014.