Creepy Living Room Bundle

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Creepy Living Room Bundle
Theme: Impossible House
Total items: 126
Release price: 199 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 08 October 2020
Re-release date(s): 31 August 2021

The Creepy Living Room Bundle is a Room Bundle released on October 8th for the Halloween campaign Impossible House and was available for 199 Credits. It was re-released the following year for the 2021 Halloween campaign Spirits of Japan.

It was the second themed bundle of the campaign, with the first one being the Eerie Porch Bundle. In between an old bundle, the Haunted Lobby Bundle, was re-released. The room bundle contains and easter egg, when walking on the What is Happening? furniture, 2 Carol Singing Girls appear. This and the tricycle on the bottom of the stairs is a reference to the in 1980 released movie; The Shining where two little girls are standing at the end of an hallway, while the little boy Danny is riding on his tricycle until he encounters them.



Everyone who bought the Creepy Living Room Bundle in October 2020 also got a badge

According to Habbowidgets 195 Habbos have this badge.


Everyone who bought the Creepy Living Room Bundle in 2021 also got a badge

According to Habbowidgets 103 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Furniture

The bundle had 126 other items of furniture, including:

  • Cabin Stone and Wood Tiles (x22)
  • Corridor Wall (x16)
  • Tiled Corridor Floor (x16)
  • Lounge Armchair (x5)
  • Obsessive's Scribblings (x4)
  • WIRED Effect: Match Furni to Position & State (x4)
  • Don't Let It In (x3)
  • Antique Carpet (x2)
  • Blood on the Floor (x2)
  • Cardboard Box (x2)
  • Carol Singing Girl (x2)
  • Creepy Mannequin (x2)
  • Desk Junk (x2)
  • Ghost-in-the-Box (x2)
  • Impossible Staircase (x2)
  • Scary Wall Shadows (x2)
  • Staff of the Year Portrait (x2)
  • Swamp Fog (x2)
  • Tarantula Web (x2)
  • WIRED Trigger: User Enters Room (x2)
  • Attic Shelf (x1)
  • Black Tray Table (x1)
  • Conservatory Fan (x1)
  • Corridor Lamp (x1)
  • Desktop Items (x1)
  • Dingy Shelf (x1)
  • Discarded Desk Items (x1)
  • Diseased Rat (x1)
  • Emergency Torch (x1)
  • Fallen Leaves (x1)
  • Ghostly Mirror (x1)
  • Haunted TV (x1)
  • Hidden Door (x1)
  • Hip Mounted Deer (x1)
  • Impossible Sofa (x1)
  • Ivy Beam (x1)
  • Levitating Bed (x1)
  • Obsessive Research (x1)
  • Oil Painting (x1)
  • Opulent Vase (x1)
  • Ornate Coffee Table (x1)
  • Paper Balls (x1)
  • Poet's Typewriter (x1)
  • Skele (x1)
  • Starry Night (x1)
  • Tricycle (x1)
  • What is Happening? (x1)
  • WIRED Trigger: User Walks On Furni (x1)
  • WIRED Trigger: User Walks Off Furni (x1)
  • Wooden Writing Bureau (x1)
  • Wonky Doorframe (x1)