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Release date: 2003
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Parasols on Habbo are classed as Classical Rares, due to when they were released in the hotel. The set of Parasols originally came in four different colours (violet, green, orange and yellow), although there are now 11 in the collection, including the White Parasol that was accidentally released in the Canadian hotel in 2008 (this was later changed to green and glitched during the merge to create the Super Rare Parasol), and a Limited Edition Rare Rainbow Parasol released in July 2019.

Each original Parasol has been seen in numerous hotels since 2003, making them almost 10 years old. The only Parasol that was released in every hotel was the Yellow Parasol meaning that the other ones not being released made the set incomplete. The Parasols were all released in the same month and year, and were all released on the United Kingdom hotel first. However, one of the Parasols (the Orange Parasol) was an accidental release for five minutes thus making it immediately a Super Rare. It was then released properly to complete the set in 2005.

Overall, the Parasols could be classed as Classical Rares as they are some of the oldest Rares on Habbo.

The Parasols

Name Image
Yellow Parasol
Violet Parasol
Orange Parasol
Green Parasol
'Zon' Parasol
Maroon Parasol
Azure Parasol
Emerald Parasol
Teal Parasol
Rose Pink Parasol
Rainbow Parasol
Rose Gold Parasol
White Parasol
Black Parasol
Total Parasols 14