Egypt Treasures Bundle

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Egypt Treasures Bundle
Theme: Fossil Hunting
Total items: 66
Release price: 99 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 11 July 2022

The Egypt Treasures Bundle is a room bundle released on Habbo in July 2022, when it was newly released as part of the Fossil Hunting campaign. The bundle consisted of a variety of furniture lines, such as Summer Bazaar, Ancients and African Savannah.

The bundle was sold for 99 Credits.


Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 35 Habbos on have this badge.


Bundle Items

There were 66 other items in the bundle, including:

  • Treasure Dig (x1)
  • Treasure Chest (x1)
  • Berber Kilim Rug (x1)
  • Stilt House Roof (x2)
  • Ancient Table (x4)
  • Baobab Tree (x1)
  • Treasure Patch (x2)
  • Stilt House Arch (x2)
  • Rubber Duck (x1)
  • Farm Sprinkler (x1)
  • Straw Ceiling Lamp (x1)
  • Bazaar Roof Corner (x2)
  • Sunlight City Waterway (x4)
  • Savannah Patch (x3)
  • Grass Block (x11)
  • Bazaar Arch (x6)
  • African Chair (x2)
  • Ornamental Urn (x1)
  • Stone Obelisk (x1)
  • Stick Fence (x6)
  • Japanese Wooden Deck (x4)
  • Sunlight City Waterway (x3)
  • Sound-proofed Wall (x2)
  • Accacia Tree (x1)
  • Pyramid Block (x1)
  • Cracked Earth tile (x2)