Gold Plated Organ

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Gold Plated Organ
Motto: Sit down. Play a tune.
Release date: 17 February 2017
Campaign: Wedding
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 270
Quantity sold: 270
Release price: 375 Credits
Owners tracked: 100/270 (37%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Next Release:
Goddess of Harvest

The Gold Plated Organ was a Limited Edition Rare that was sold in February 2017 for the price of 375 Credits for the Valentines Wedding campaign. There were 270 of the item available upon release and all were sold within a few hours.

The Gold Plated Organ received mixed reviews from players. Although the majority of users were a fan of the items itself and the Badge it came with, it met by negative reviews due to the price being too high and users claiming they do not have use for the item as it would not fit in with most furniture lines.


Each user who purchased the item received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 143 different users have the badge

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 Unshackled 18-June-2018 Active
4 Funkyjen 26-May-2017 Active
6 odamieo27 23-Sep-2017 Active
9 Shonly 29-Jan-2018 Active
10 .Super.Mario. 09-Aug-2020 Active
15 Ribboneh 28-Aug-2018 Active
19 Frequence 16-Dec-2019 Active
20 Christofel 26-May-2017 Active
21 Arie 22-Jan-2023 Active
22 MrPersson2 26-Sep-2021 Active
23 Mrs_Plant 26-May-2017 Active
28 -Seducer 26-Sep-2021 Active
30 Hay-Z: 04-Jan-2019 Active
32 amor83 24-Jan-2019 Active
33 goldUSA 26-May-2017 Active
37 The-Devils-Eye 15-Jul-2021 Active
40 amor83 14-Sep-2017 Active
41 AmySkates... 26-May-2017 Active
43 richieboy1990 21-Dec-2022 For Sale
45 madash15 17-Sep-2018 Active
49 x--Rosiie 08-Oct-2018 Active
51 Bennied 26-May-2017 Active
53 Amesly 02-Jan-2018 Active
54 -Lockdown- 18-Mar-2019 Active
55 Sammy9123 21-Sep-2017 Active
57 tRadEx 01-Sep-2019 Active
59 Chan3221 12-May-2021 Active
62 d-two 13-Feb-2021 For Sale
64 HollyPickles 24-Sep-2021 Active
65 VYRKAN 26-Nov-2019 Active
76 edison357 18-Mar-2019 Active
79 RedPillBlues 04-Nov-2018 Active
82 ,holmes- 2-Jun-2019 Active
84 Justin.Ames 21-Mar-2020 Active
85 DanN191 31-Dec-2019 Active
86 Cind3r 21-Sep-2017 Active
87 Tequilas 21-Ape-2021 Active
89 nedozzz779 11-Jun-2019 Active
90 Hay-Z: 04-Jan-2019 Active
91 HollyPickles 20-Aug-2021 For Sale
99 TheMoistOne. 24-Jan-2019 Active
104 Blinx 26-May-2017 Active
108 TomouraKakashi 21-Mar-2020 Active
109 a.v. 26-May-2019 Active
110 klguy7 26-May-2019 Active
112 fanjustine89 18-Mar-2019 Active
113 FittyFitRay1 18-Mar-2019 Active
114 AlexPlaya1 27-Apr-2021 Active
117 :-uSafety 03-Oct-2023 Active
121 len!! 02-Jan-2022 Active
123 30up 26-May-2017 Active
124 PAWNSHOPZ 2-Jul-2019 Active
127 Riqque 26-May-2017 Active
129 jordypop 09-Jun-2018 Active
136 Xprodigy_killaX 26-May-2019 Active
139 Jesse96a 20-Jul-2019 Active
142 123MILK 23-Sep-2020 For Sale
143 Hay-Z: 04-Jan-2019 Active
151 Adam:USA 11-Jul-2020 Active
152 nufciv 16-Jun-2020 Active
153 Despect 26-May-2017 Active
158 Arron 19-Aug-2021 Active
160 zxnx 19-Jun-2020 Active
161 30up 26-May-2017 Active
166 vicariouslyv 28-Jan-2019 Active
174 grey30 19-Dec-2021 Active
175 NAZTYJA0 02-Oct-2018 Active
176 NAZTYJA0 02-Oct-2018 Active
177 klguy7 26-May-2019 Active
178 HaganWils 17-Nov-2019 Active
179 DarkDeath 21-Dec-2021 Active
184 Zach 14-Sep-2021 Active
185 chidiva 22-Jan-2018 Active
187 zxnx 19-Jun-2020 Active
188 Despect 26-May-2017 Active
190 Telent 8-Jun-2019 Active
192 MizzHollywood 23-Nov-2021 Active
193 the-swedish-guy 26-May-2017 Active
195 Vincent85 06-May-2021 Active
197 Raydalos 28-Apr-2018 Active
200 nunber=123 06-Apr-2021 Active
205 LaLaaLoopsy 14-Sep-2017 Active
214 Squidgy-Bunny 19-Nov-2018 Active
217 Hay-Z: 19-Nov-2018 Active
220 Sha.MorenikaA. 18-Mar-2019 Active
221 Melarnie 18-Mar-2019 Active
222 MARUHA123 16-Jul-2020 Active
225 Draco3141 03-Jan-2022 Active
226 Polo. 26-May-2017 Active
230 30up 26-May-2017 Active
237 MadameJaquack 22-Jul-2022 Active
243 Nufciv 25-Jun-2020 Active
248 seanxxx 13-Oct-2023 Active
249 Origo 26-May-2019 Active
250 caniduh-safety 15-Oct-2023 For Sale
252 dmr321 07-May-2020 Active
255 ExtremeSlayer 26-May-2019 Active
258 frizzlemizzle1 01-May-2021 Active
259 fizieyshaidi 26-May-2017 Active
265 .:-Dgo-:. 18-Mar-2019 Active
Total 100/270