Japanese House Bundle

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Japanese House Bundle
Theme: Japan
Total items: 60
Release price: 99 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 16 August 2018

The Japanese House Bundle was a furniture bundle released on Habbo in August 2018.

Most of the furni included was from the Japan, Ancient Japan and Dragon Ninja ranges, but it also included two items from Plants and Victorian Christmas.

The bundle was available for 99 Credits.


Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 169 Habbos have this badge.


The bundle contained 60 items of furniture, including:

  • jp_wall name (x10)
  • Shoji Divider (x10)
  • Large Tatami Rug (x9)
  • Floor Pillow (x4)
  • Ornate Drawer (x3)
  • Tatami Chair (x2)
  • Window (x2)
  • Blue Katana (x1)
  • Blue Kimono Outfit (x1)
  • Bonsai Tree (x1)
  • Blue Kimono Outfit (x1)
  • Daruma Doll (x1)
  • Floral Kimono Outfit (x1)
  • Irori Table (x1)
  • Japanese Bonbori Lantern (x1)
  • Japanese Lantern (x1)
  • Japanese Sky Lantern (x1)
  • Japanese Tea Set (x1)
  • Kakajiku Ninjya (x1)
  • Kakejiku Ziritsu (x1)
  • Shamisen Guitar (x1)
  • Shiki Futon (x1)
  • Smelly Cat (x1)
  • Sushi Kohada (x1)
  • Sushi Table (x1)
  • Tatami Table (x1)
  • Teamaker (x1)
  • Tetsubin Teapot (x1)