Hellfire Dragon

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Hellfire Dragon
Release date: 30 October 2017
Campaign: Cursed Caves
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 180
Quantity sold: 180
Release price: 500 Credits
Owners tracked: 130/180 (72%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Next Release:

The Hellfire Dragon is a Limited Edition Rare released in October 2017 for the Cursed Caves Halloween campaign. There were 180 units available for 500 Credits each, and sold out within minutes of entering the Catalogue.

The dragon received mixed reviews, with many users refusing to buy it due to the price. However, many others were very pleased with the item and attempted to collect as many as they could. Some collectors were offering up to 50 Gold Bars for a single digit number, allowing lucky users to gain an immediate 2,000 Credit profit for the item if they chose to sell.

The item takes up two spaces when placed in a room and allows two players to sit on its back.


Each user who purchased the item received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 119 different users have the badge.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 fever...69 23-Sep-2020 Active
2 Quest 23-Jun-2020 Active
3 richmond233 21-Dec-2022 Active
4 JayLiPops 03-Nov-2017 Active
5 x_PartyFavor_x 08-Jul-2020 Active
6 jezza1.4 03-Nov-2017 Active
7 Shonly 23-Sep-2020 NFS
9 d-two 03-Apr-2020 Active
10 Swaggalicious 3-Jan-2023 For Sale
11 madash15 24-Jan-2019 Active
13 itsspacey 19-Dec-2021 Active
14 @Razz 30-Oct-2017 Active
15 JunKai. 23-Jul-2021 Active
16 devon9479 14-Oct-2018 Active
18 beatlesfan 28-Jul-2020 For Sale
19 Riqque 11-Sep-2019 Active
20 KellyQuinn 30-Oct-2017 Active
21 enzhong 06-Nov-2017 Active
22 Skerror 09-Jul-2018 Active
23 Douglas7799 30-Oct-2017 Active
24 .:TOM:.:SBD:. 06-Jul-2020 NFS
25 MrPersson2 11-Dec-2017 Active
26 Joan 30-Oct-2017 Active
27 Orph4nBl4ck 31-Oct-2017 Active
28 RC-Ministry 26-Jun-2020 Active
29 Joan 01-Nov-2017 Active
30 !x!dude!x!2 27-Apr-2019 Active
32 TheReturn2k15 30-Oct-2017 Active
33 Rhaz 03-Oct-2023 Active
35 GoonKid 17-Feb-2021 Active
36 22C 06-Jul-2020 Active
37 Marinetti 09-Jul-2018 Inactive
38 Ozad 25-Nov-2017 Active
39 FireShowing 03-Oct-2023 Active
42 Joan 04-Nov-2017 Active
43 CattyKitty3 08-Sep-2021 Active
46 DKBlackFlame 04-Nov-2017 Active
47 Tsarian 13-Mar-2020 Active
49 devon9479 14-Oct-2018 Active
50 OoOAHMENoOo 22-Jul-2018 Active
52 Capriice 30-Apr-2021 Active
53 Draco3141 03-Jan-2022 For Sale
54 TDragonLover 23-Jun-2020 Active
55 5parkling 21-Mar-2018 Active
56 CementBlock 18-Jan-2022 For Sale
57 Planful 19-Mar-2019 Active
58 Konner94-banned 24-Apr-2021 Active
59 SesumpahStar 17-Apr-2020 Active
60 Bailed 30-Oct-2017 Active
61 MadameJaquack 27-Aug-2022 Active
62 Joan 18-Nov-2017 Active
63 M0RGAN! 21-Apr-2021 Active
65 The-Devils-Eye 19-Mar-2019 Active
71 melbear 18-Jun-2020 Active
73 B 03-Nov-2017 Active
74 Xenophyl 19-Mar-2019 Active
75 DEAD-Al_x 15-Jul-2020 Active
77 Joan 30-Oct-2017 Active
78 TDragonLover 26-May-2019 Active
81 RC-Ministry 26-Jun-2020 Active
83 Shonly 30-Oct-2017 Active
84 enzhong 06-Nov-2017 Active
85 vincent85 06-May-2021 Active
86 TGOD_Erick 19-Jan-2023 Active
87 :Death:Dealer 26-May-2021 Active
88 benjaminwoodiii 10-Oct-2018 Active
89 enzhong 06-Nov-2017 Active
91 Spinley 12-Oct-2018 Active
92 WoAiWoDar! 17-Aug-2021 Active
94 Shonly 30-Oct-2017 Active
95 clofs 06-Jul-2020 Active
96 Arron 19-Aug-2021 Active
97 Rubber 19-Mar-2019 Active
98 amor83 29-June-2018 Active
99 badamana18 02-Nov-2018 Active
100 badamana18 02-Nov-2018 Active
101 badamana18 10-Jul-2018 Active
102 badamana18 10-Jul-2018 Active
107 B 03-Nov-2017 Active
110 B 06-Nov-2017 Active
113 chidiva 28-Aug-2018 Active
114 :-uSafety 16-Oct-2023 For Sale
116 bella-tiara 06-Apr-2021 Active
117 Joan 18-Nov-2017 Active
118 Phusion 06-Jul-2020 Active
119 Sollumn 26-May-2019 Active
121 chrism684 29-Oct-2018 Active
122 MARUHA123 16-Jul-2020 Active
123 TGOD_Erick 19-Jan-2023 Active
124 dave4296 19-Mar-2019 Active
125 NAZTYJA0 02-Oct-2018 Active
126 AgaFathur 15-Apr-2019 Active
127 1 18-May-2020 Active
132 Mystic 19-Mar-2019 Active
133 iPoluted 30-Oct-2017 Inactive
134 HollyPickles 24-Sep-2021 Active
135 EmmaLante 30-Oct-2017 Active
136 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
138 Hiroshi-sama For Sale
140 Grandoi 07-Jun-2020 Active
141 amor83 29-June-2018 Active
143 Vampirelordy 19-Mar-2019 Active
146 Swaggalicious 27-Apr-2021 Active
147 Basirlee1 08-Jan-2018 Active
148 liew982 23-Nov-2020 Active
149 Konner94-banned 17-Apr-2020 Active
151 DoubleOzBigEz 13-Jan-2019 Active
152 chidiva 13-Dec-2018 Active
153 Its.Dino 22-May-2018 Active
154 Joan 30-Oct-2017 Active
157 .Xayah. 16-Oct-2023 For Sale
159 Fusionator 23-Sep-2021 Active
160 boribabe 24-Apr-2021 Active
162 nufciv 02-Jul-2020 Active
163 Black-Rain 16-Jun-2019 Active
164 Horus 06-May-2020 Active
165 KatyMono 02-May-2018 Active
167 Joan 30-Oct-2017 Active
168 benjaminwoodiii 10-Oct-2018 Active
169 habbzmaster 07-Jul-2019 Active
170 Oxymeth 19-May-2018 Active
171 habbzmaster 07-Jul-2019 Active
172 II:IceReaper:II 30-Oct-2017 Active
173 DaPrince18 26-Apr-2020 Active
174 kovsky. 08-Oct-2018 Active
175 ErTom 06-Jul-2020 Active
176 B 03-Nov-2017 Active
177 LucyFaye 28-Jul-2020 Active
178 Deactivate! 31-Oct-2017 Active
180 Joan 30-Oct-2017 Active
Total 130/180