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NFT Furni
Release date: November 2021
Available from: ImmutableX

NFT Furni is a type of Habbo Furni that was developed to support the Habbo X or Habbo NFT project.

These items of furni are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which cannot currently be traded within Habbo the way that other furni can - all buying and selling will have to be done through the blockchain, as ownership is based on the blockchain wallet rather than the Habbo account itself. If a user sells an NFT furni that is connected to their account, it will be removed from the room or account inventory that it was stored on once the transfer is complete.

Airdrops, Claims, and Prizes

Many of the items first released as NFTs for use on Habbo were given free of charge in a process known as an "airdrop", distinct from making a purchase.

Diamond HC Sofa

On 26 November 2021 it was announced in the Habbo Avatars Discord server that Habbo had been working with Immutable X (IMX), an NFT marketplace platform, to implement a free release of a special NFT furni to Avatar holders - a diamond version of the classic Club Sofa. The sofas were released in December 2021. The sofas are fully usable in Habbo rooms and are individually numbered, similar to Limited Edition Rares that are currently in circulation.

Connected wallets received one NFT sofa per Avatar within them, as long as they were in the wallet at 6pm UTC on 06 December which was when a "snapshot" of the linked owners was taken for verification and distribution. The sofas are completely separate NFTs that are tradeable individually with no link to the Avatars other than their mint number, for example Habbo Avatar #1 minted Sofa #1 and so on. The decision to use IMX was governed by the fact there are zero gas fees when using their marketplace, allowing trading to take place far more freely than is possible for many NFTs.

Name Image
Diamond HC Sofa

Holo Steampunk

On March 30 2022 Sulake released a new crafting system using four NFT Holo Steampunk items. Combining five of one colour of the items would reward Habbos with the next rarest colour. The bronze Holos were given to anyone who applied for it, provided they had a valid Metamask wallet address. The gold Holo was distributed to Habbos who met a certain eligibility criteria, and the diamond Holos were given to everyone who already owned a Habbo Avatar or Portrait. The rainbow Holo was only available by combining five diamond Holos. Habbos would also need NFT credits[1] to complete the crafting of an upgraded Holo.

Name Image
Bronze Holo Steampunk
Gold Holo Steampunk
Diamond Holo Steampunk
Rainbow Holo Steampunk

Trippy Duck

The Trippy Duck (named "Habbo Rug" on IMX as part of an April Fool's release) was given to wallets holding Habbo Avatars or Portraits at a rate of 1:1 for each held at the time. The term "rug" in NFT communities usually refers to a scam or broken promise, and so the item not being an actual floor-rug piece of furni as advertised is all part of the April Fool's joke.

Name Image
Trippy Duck

Trippy Anteater

On 24 May 2022 it was announced by Hajautus that a new "prize" furni was going to be given to those most active in the Habbo NFT Discord server. This was based on a post counter that had been running since near the beginning of the server, and the 50 top participants were set to receive the prize. This was then to continue as a monthly prize for the next top 50, and so on - the first recipients were of course unknowingly the top 50 all the way from December (when the leaderboard bot was introduced) through to April.

Name Image
Trippy Anteater

Met AMS gift

The Met AMS gift is an item that could be claimed by visitors to the real-life Met AMS ("Metaverse Amsterdam") NFT festival that took place from 14-17 June 2022. Anyone who attended could sign up to receive one, but due to the size of the festival it was estimated that many signups may not actually claim the gift.

Name Image
Met Ams gift

Met Ams Easel

The Met Ams Easel was an additional gift given out to Met AMS gift owners due to issues with the validity of voucher codes (intended to be valid for 5 years, but accidentally input to expire after 2 weeks). All owners of the Met AMS gift were airdropped this additional easel as an apology.

Name Image
Met Ams Easel

Bronze Community Pillar Trophy

Main Article: Bronze Community Pillar Trophy

The Bronze Community Pillar Trophy is a trophy awarded by Habbo Staff to certain members of the community. Staff from all nine hotels put together a list of Habbos they felt should be given one of these trophies based on their contributions to the community like building official games and badges, running official fansites, volunteering as ambassadors or actively testing the Sandbox hotel.

Name Image
Bronze Community Pillar Trophy

Superstonk Duck

The Superstonk Duck was a giveaway hosted twice, once on the SuperStonk subreddit and once on the HabboNFT subreddit. Players had to post with their wallet address to have the trophy airdropped to them. It was airdropped to a total of 1,114 wallets on 13 September 2022.

Name Image
Super Stonks Duck

NFT Shop Items

It was announced on the April 25 2022 that Habbo were releasing a new section on their website called the NFT shop[2].

This is where you can buy NFTs that Habbo release, usually for a limited amount of time each.

Trippy Dragon Lamp & Lightbulb Floor Lamp

The first items in the new shop area of the site were the Trippy Dragon Lamp and the Lightbulb Floor Lamp, on sale for 900 NFT credits and 50 NFT credits respectively. In a tweet[3] on April 27 2022 Habbo gave away 1000 NFT credit furni to 10 individual winners in order to promote the new section and the upcoming sales.

Name Image Cost Units Sold
Trippy Dragon Lamp 900 NFT credits 1258
Lightbulb Floor Lamp 50 NFT credits 1511

Frosty the Fridge

On 12 May 2022, at a time where none of the major Habbo countries were experiencing winter, Frosty the Fridge was released into the shop, available for one week. Staff ran a large-scale Fridge Game on the Spanish hotel where 10 of these unseasonal but joyful fridges could be won, and another 10 were given away via Twitter. Others could then be bought individually in the shop.

Name Image Cost Units Sold
Frosty the Fridge 400 NFT credits 618

Key Stools

Key Stools are a variety of items based on the seats used in the old school Net Cafe public room. The first of the (N, F, T, and Shift) were released in May, with gradual releases of the rest of the keyboard to follow. These items have an extra long expiry in the shop, potentially to serve as an ongoing option so that users can create words at any time.

Name Image Cost
Shift Key Sofa 50 NFT credits
Key Stool (various letters) 10 NFT credits

Gangnam Duck Statues

Name Image Cost Units Sold
Gangnam Duck Stars Statue 350 NFT credits 370
Gangnam Duck Clouds Statue 350 NFT credits 389
Gangnam Duck Hearts Statue 350 NFT credits 366
Gangnam Duck Gold Statue 350 NFT credits 507

Circuitry Furni

To complement the Key Stools, several other computer-based furni were released across the summer of 2022.

The Premium Chip Table and Microchip Table were both released on 06 July 2022, with the former causing some controversy as it was released as the "first ever NFT LTD" but was almost identical in design to the far cheaper option. It was intended to have a total supply of 300, but 3 were obtained early via a bug and even then at the end of the sale period only 215 of a possible 297 had sold.

A Circuit Board Rug in late July and a set of three LED items in August followed these.

Name Image Cost Units Sold
Premium Chip Table 1200 NFT credits 215/297
Microchip Table 200 NFT credits 351
Circuit Board Rug 50 NFT credits 1656
Green Led 150 NFT credits 278
Yellow Led 150 NFT credits 232
Red Led 150 NFT credits 277
Resistor 50 NFT credits 466


Name Image Cost Units Sold
Forge Corner
Forge Bench
Forge Golem
Forge Wall
Forge Flooring
Forge Bar
Forge Chair
Forge Roller
Forge Juniper
Forge Stove
Forgge Gate

Bug Furni

After an error with the Fossil Hunting clothing release at the end of July 2022, which meant NFT holders were able to buy clothing that was not wearable, all 284 items were replaced with a free Small Bug furni as an apology.

Name Image Units available
A Small Bug 248

LTD NFT furni

Similar to Habbo's original Limited Edition Rares, a LTD set of furni also exist for Habbo NFT. Unlike the regular NFT shop, and the original LTD concept, each wallet owner can only purchase one LTD furni. Once the LTD announcement is made, interested purchasers can register their interest during a dedicated sign-up period and pay in advance. Once this sign-up period has closed, furni will be randomly allocated to the number pre-determined.

The LTD furni is guaranteed to never be re-released.

The Diamond Club Sofa could be categorised as a LTD NFT, however as it was not explicitly released as such it does not appear on the list below.

Name Image Cost Units sold/released
Premium Chip Table 1200 NFT credits 215/297
Dragon Skeleton

(Released as part of Habbo's Fantasy Village campaign)

2,000 NFT credits 173/300

1st Birthday Furni

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the NFT project announcement, NFT furni gift boxes were given away and available for purchase, between 22 and 28 September 2022.

Free Basic gift boxes were given away on to:

  • Habbo Avatar owners
  • Habbos with at least 1 NFT furni or clothing in their wallet
  • Competition winners (on Twitter and the official Discord)
  • 20,000 users who signed up to Premint as part of a promotion

Free Diamond gift boxes were given away to:

  • VIP Habbo Avatar owners (wallets that contain 15+ Habbo Avatars)
Name Image Cost
Basic 1st Year Birthday Gift 50 NFT Credits
Diamond 1st Year Birthday Gift 150 NFT Credits

The boxes were able to be cracked on the Habbo NFT website and had the following potental drops:

Name Image Drop rate (Basic Box) Drop rate (Diamond Box)
Birthday Cake 39.5% 0%
Bigger Birthday Cake 8% 11%
Even Bigger Birthday Cake 2% 6%
HUGE Birthday Cake 0.3% 2%
Half-eaten Cake 2% 10%
Silver 1st Birthday Shades 16.4% 0%
Golden 1st Birthday Shades 2.3% 15%
Trippy 1st Birthday Shades 0.5% 2%
Silver 1st Birthday Shades 16% 0%
Gold 1st Birthday Shades 2.5% 12%
Trippy 1st Birthday Shades 1% 3%
Ship in the Bottle 3% 10%
Diamond Hand 0.5% 3%
Confetti Bomb 3% 8%
CyberKongz Incubator 1% 6%
Metakrew Shroud 1% 6%
MVHQ Coffee Machine 1% 6%


The 1st birthday furniture was also able to craft on the NFT website. The following items could be crafted:

Ingredients Name Image
+ Bigger Birthday Cake
+ + 100 NFT credits Even Bigger Birthday Cake
+ + 250 NFT credits HUGE Birthday Cake
+ + + 50 NFT credits Gold 1st Birthday Shades
+ + + 250 NFT credits Trippy 1st Birthday Shades
+ + + 50 NFT Credits Gold 1st Birthday Hat
+ + + 250 NFT credits Trippy 1st Birthday Hat

NFT Credit Furni

Much like regular Credit Furni, NFT Credit Furni is always redeemable for a set value. These can be produced either by minting them on the Habbo NFT website or by purchasing them as-is from other users on the Immutable service.

Name Image Cost
NFT Credit Furni 10 10 NFT credits
NFT Credit Furni 50 50 NFT credits
NFT Credit Furni 100 100 NFT credits
NFT Credit Furni 500 500 NFT credits
NFT Credit Furni 1000 1000 NFT credits


Habbo NFT regularly collaborates with other NFT partners.


The HabboNFT x MetaKey collaboration was announced on 6 December 2021, with the first items released in July 2022. MetaKey holders are entitled to use a special badge, effect, and speech bubble, as well as the Metakey Shirt.

Name Image
Metakey Shirt

Metakey Furni

The following furni was released on 7 July 2022:

Name Image Quantity
MetaKey Hologram 3,905
MetaKey Light Fixture 3,905
Blue Metakey Light Decoration 3,905
Green Metakey Light Decoration 3,905
Purple Metakey Light Decoration 3,905
Yellow Metakey Light Decoration 3,905
Pink Metakey Light Decoration 3,905

In addition, as part of the 1st anniversary celebration, on 22 September 2022, the Metakrew Shroud was released as part of a random drop in gift boxes, with a 1% chance in Basic gift boxes and a 6% chance in Diamond gift boxes..

Name Image Quantity
Metakrew Shroud 614


Habbo NFT announced a partnership with CyberKongz on 15 June 2022. Holders of CyberKongz Genesis, Baby and VX Kongz are entitled to a special badge and effect as well as two clothing items:

Name Image
CyberKongz Head
CyberKongs Banana Peel

CyberKonz Furni

On 19 July 2022, CyberKongz NFT holders were airdropped a CyberKongz Graffiti and either a Wilson (33.3%) or a Banana Shop (66.7%). These aidrops were delivered once per wallet, instead of once per NFT held, unlike previous aidrops.

Name Image Quantity
CyberKongz Graffiti 1,533
Wilson 535
Banana Shop 999

In addition, as part of the 1st anniversary celebration, on 22 September 2022, the Cyberkongz Incubator was released as part of a random drop in gift boxes, with a 1% chance in Basic gift boxes and a 6% chance in Diamond gift boxes.

Name Image Quantity
CyberKongz Incubator 659


The MVHQ collaboration was announced in June 2022 on the MVHQ Twitter channel. MVHQ NFT holders are entitled to a badge, effect and speech bubbdle as well as three new items of clothing:

Name Image
MVHQ Hoodie
MVHQ VR Headset
MHQ Headset

All MVHQ NFT holders were aidropped two new items of furni on 8 July 2022:

Name Image Quantity
MVHQ Chair 44
MVHQ Poster 213

In addition, as part of the 1st anniversary celebration, on 22 September 2022, the Metakrew shroud was released as part of a random drop in gift boxes, with a 1% chance in Basic gift boxes and a 6% chance in Diamond gift boxes..

Name Image Quantity
MVHQ Coffee Machine 644


The collaboration with CoolCats was announced on 20 September 2022, after being hinted at with Coolcats themed Discord and Twitter logos since 31 August 2022. CoolCats holders are entitled to a Cool Cats badge and effect, as well as new items of clothing:

Name Image
CoolCats T Shirt
CoolCat Hat
CoolCat TV Hat
CoolCat Heart Backpack
CoolCat Milk Box Backpack

A range of CoolCats furni is also due to be airdropped to CoolCats holder on 5 October 2022:

Name Image Quantity
Cool Cats Chest
Cool Cats Chug
Cool Cats Street Light
Cool Cats Banner
Cool Cats Plain Poster
Cool Cats Framed Poster