Autumnal Days Bundle

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Autumnal Days Bundle
Theme: Autumnal Furniture
Total items: 104
Release price: 199 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 21 September 2020

The Autumnal Days Bundle was a room bundle that was released on Habbo in September 2020 for the Neo-Habbo Revisited campaign. The room was made using Autumnal Furniture pieces.

This bundle was sold for 199 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle in 2020 also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 416 Habbos have this badge.


Every user who purchased the bundle in 2023 also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, -- Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

The bundle had 104 items of furniture, including:

  • Guitar (x1)
  • Hanging Bird Feeder (x1)
  • Witch Roof (x1)
  • Friendship Tree (x1)
  • Autumnal Bird Tree (x2)
  • Grass Patch (x15)
  • Bar (x2)
  • Cabin Stone Floors (x9)
  • Climbing Rope (x1)
  • Beach Hut Stage (x4)
  • Witch Roof Corner (x1)
  • Witch Roof (x3)
  • Jar of Critters (x1)
  • HabboLympix Water Bottles (x1)
  • Big Rock (x5)
  • Bandstand (x1)
  • Heather Patch (x3)
  • Resort Flooring (x1)
  • Camping Blanket (x2)
  • Grass Patch (x9)
  • Bendy Birch Tree (x3)
  • Big Witch Roof (x1)
  • Relaxation Stones (x1)
  • Valentines Gift Basket (x1)
  • Bamboo Wall (x2)
  • Sunlight City Gazebo (x1)
  • Starry Night (x1)
  • Small Witch Roof (x2)
  • Autumnal Forest Floor (x6)
  • Ivy Beam (x1)
  • Autumnal Cedar Tree (x2)
  • Country Wall (x2)
  • Autumnal Ash Tree (x2)
  • HabboLympix Merchandise (x1)
  • Regal Swan (x1)
  • Bar Corner (x1)
  • Jungle Leaf Patch (x8)
  • Shallow Water (x8)
  • Tall Fall Tree (x2)
  • Sunlight City Wall (x3)
  • Autumnal Branching Tree (x2)
  • Mossy Fence (x4)
  • Autumnal Park Bench (x3)