Cunning Fox Game Hall

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Cunning Fox Game Hall
Opening date: Unknown
Closing date: 2007
Year discontinued: 2007

The Cunning Fox Game Hall was a Public Room where Habbos could play Poker, Battleship, Chess and Tic Tac Toe, games that were removed in 2007. This was before games like Snowstorm and BattleBall were made available to non-HC Habbos. The main Lobby had doors that linked to each one of the 4 games rooms. Playing one of the games was completely free and didn't require Gaming Tickets to play, unlike the other games in the hotel.


Tic Tac Toe

Variant 1

Habbos take turns in placing a cross or a circle on the field. If you have five of your characters in a row, they will turn red. Try to get as many rows of five characters as possible.

Variant 2

Click on the fiels as fast as you can and try to get as many of your characters on the field as possible. Whoever makes the most crosses/circles wins.


The famous card game Poker is played with four people. Put on your poker face and try to get the highest combination of cards. You have five cards in front of you, and you can exchange a maximum of two cards. The player with the highest combination wins.

Note that the screen does not show who won, this must be counted by the players themselves.


Find an empty table, or one where an opponent is already sitting and choose either white or black. You take turns (you have to arrange this yourself). You place a chess piece according to the general rules of chess.

If you want to check the game you can have all your moves sent to your email adress.


Place your ships on the field and wait for an opponent. As soon as your opponent has placed his ships down, you take turns in clicking on the field in your (blank) screen. If your opponent has a ship in that spot, you will see in your screen that you have taken a hit on that ship and you can have another turn. The first habbo to hits all of his opponent's ships wins.