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Release date: January 2012 (Apple devices)
June 2012 (Android devices)
Category: Mobile Games
Year discontinued: 2014

Niko was a fast paced platform game created by Sulake. It was first available on iOS devices in January 2012, later being made available for Android devices in June 2012. Sulake CEO discusses Niko, Habbo Hotel and the drive to move audiences across platforms [1]

By playing Niko, players were able to put their brain to the test, trying to figure out brain-teasing levels to rescue the title characters' friends who had been captured, and defeating bosses on the last level.

There were five main characters on the game, the lead being the titular character Niko. The other four characters were kept in captivity; it was the players' aim to rescue these characters.

Character Name Image

Downloading Niko

In the iTunes store, players were able to download Niko for free and play the first 6 levels of the game. After doing so, they would receive one voucher code to redeem on Habbo. After the user had played all 6 levels, they were encouraged to buy the full game for $1.99. If they did purchase the full game, they were able to unlock multiple unique badges and prizes and find out what the secret mystery furniture item was at the end of the game. The voucher could also be redeemed for Habbo Credits, by visiting the credit page and clicking 'Redeem'.


Users who played Niko were given an exclusive voucher code that was unlocked in-game; this could be redeemed within Habbo to gain exclusive badges, trophies and a furniture item[2].

Name Image Motto Additional Information
Silver Niko Trophy
Awarded for unlocking the full Niko mobile game! N/A
Golden Niko Trophy
Awarded for completing all the levels in the Niko mobile game! N/A
rare_fountain_niko name
rare_fountain_niko desc Would have been given out as a reward if Niko reached the top of the iTunes charts - however it failed to do so.

Along with these items, a variety of badges could be gained.

Badge Name
For downloading Niko the game!
For rescuing Tucco in Niko the game!
For rescuing Poco in Niko the game!
For rescuing Zuki in Niko the game!
For rescuing all of Niko's friends in Niko the game!