Rooftop Rumble

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Rooftop Rumble
Opening date: Unknown
Closing date: 2011

Rooftop Rumble, also known as Rooftop Pool, was a Public Room that held the popular game Wobble Squabble. Originally, the game was created for the Mountain Dew campaign on Habbo Finland. Players usually only came to queue up and play the game, but a few stayed to spectate and chill with other Habbos. Rooftop Rumble included two copies; Rooftop Rumble 1 and Rooftop Rumble 2, to help with the popularity of rooms over-filling and competitions.

An interview from 2001 with Sulake Staff Paulo from Habbo Finland's programming team outlines the uses of Wobble Squabble and its creation:
"Making Wobble Squabble was fun: especially testing and playing it. Wobble Squabble was the first actual game in the Hotel and thus a little different thing to do. The Rooftop Rumble (public room) – where the Wobble Squabble is – was originally made for a Mountain Dew campaign. We had to program a fun little chute, which would take you out of the room. However, it was taken out when the campaign ended."


  • Recoloured green/black for the Mountain Dew Campaign