Main Lobby

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Main Lobby
Opening date: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown

The Main Lobby was an old public room part of the matching set of original "Lobby" rooms, including the Basement, Median, Skylight and Main lobby. Of all the lobbies the Main lobby was the most popular.

The Lobbies had a running theme between each of them, they all had two elevators which never worked and they all had a glass tube full of water, presumably running up the hotel, the skylight lobby showed the end of the tube as open. Rooms could also be created at the green Room-O-Matic machines. After several years of being some of the more prominent public rooms the Lobbies became increasingly unpopular and were later removed as they did not reflect the graphical style which Habbo had evolved to.


  • The staircases were filled with snow for Winter 2008
Joint Lobbys.PNG