Space Pool

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Space Pool
Release date: August 2006
Category: Mobile Games
Year discontinued: 2008/2009

Space Pool was a Mobile Game developed and released by Sulake during August 2006. It was their fourth mobile game (after Puzzle Pipes and before Habbo Creatures) and only remained in the "Habbo Shop" for around a month before it was removed. The game was expected to be related to the Donnie Santini quest that was happening on Habbo at the time, but there were no obvious connections stated.

The rules were exactly the same as pool, except that a single player version was available alongside the multiplayer version. Here is a quote from Sulake describing the game:

"What first seems to be a normal game of pool soon turns out to be an out of this world adventure combining the skill and precision of pool with the unexpected hazards of deep space! Easy to learn but impossible to master- this game will keep you hooked as you constantly try to beat your scores, outwit the monsters and find the perfect shot. With 15 levels, single and multiplayer modes and 6 power ups this is action on an interglacactic scale!"

The game was only available for certain Sony Ericsson models and cost £5.00. The download link was later removed in 2008/2009 and the game is now inaccessible.