Mini Friday

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Mini Friday
Release date: December 2006
Category: Mobile Games
Year discontinued: 2010

Mini Friday was a small project for Sulake in late December 2006, it was a virtual world on a limited number of mobile phones; it was only available on the S60 alongside 2nd and 3rd editions of Nokia phones.

The game was lead by one of Habbo founders, Aapo and consisted of 5 small rooms where players could interact and talk to other members with their system controlled characters. Likewise to Habbo, the game allowed players to create a character with the ability to change gender, height and clothing this was to appear as a visual version of themselves and had user commands such as ':go' to move between each of the rooms available. Due to the small scale of the game there was no moderation for it.

Mini Friday lasted for 4 years nearly with it closing on the 30th September 2010 but whilst this closed Sulake moved their focus onto their other mobile game Bobba Bar.