Pocket Habbo

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Pocket Habbo
Release date: December 2012
Category: Mobile Games
Year discontinued: 2015

Pocket Habbo was the 5th mobile application released by Sulake for mobile devices. It was available from the 19th December 2012 for those on the iOS interface, found in Apple products; in June 2013 this was expanded for Android users. It was a free application provided by Habbo and didn't include in app purchases unlike previous games such as Lost Monkey and Niko released earlier by Habbo.

The main aim for the application was to allow players to message others offline and it was more like an instant messenger service, but expanded later with options such as changing an avatar's clothes. Unfortunately, updates weren't regular and on the 3rd September 2015 Sulake decided that due to the Habbo application already giving all the features of Pocket Habbo they would close it.

During the first 12 days after the release of the application, any player who signed in via Pocket Habbo would receive a free gift for their avatar on Habbo; these were described as a holiday bonus by Habbo staff.