Sunset Cafe

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Sunset Cafe
Opening date: March 2007
Closing date: Unknown

The Sunset Cafe (Formerly known as Oasis Lounge on (USA)) was another cafe-themed Public Room on Habbo. It had a strange room layout - curved walls and a sunset theme, which Habbo used mainly to simulate dates, due to the romantic nature. There was a Bot behind the counter, usually named Ray who interacted with players. The room featured a dance floor made up from floor lights where Habbos could dance. The water was inaccessible. Where other old public rooms sometimes being used as promotional rooms or ongoing several changes, the Sunset Cafe was never used as a promotional room and always had the same look until the end.


Since the removals of the Public Rooms, Habbo started to release Room Bundles of remastered classic Public Rooms. Starting in 2016 with the Classic Lounge Bundle being the first one that was based on the old Welcome Lounge. The Sunset Cafe also got a remastered version of the Public Room, this Room Bundle was released in 2020 for the 20th Birthday of Habbo.