Old Skool Habbo

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Old Skool Habbo
Opening date: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown

Oldskool Habbo were a pair of Public Rooms, also known as Mobiles and individually known as the Oldskool Lounge and the Oldskool Dancefloor.

The rooms consisted of two parts, the first is set out like a bar; the second a disco. These were created for nostalgia and part of Habbo's history. They are based on the original rooms from Mobiles Disco, the progenitor of Habbo. Two avatar trophies reside in the disco room for the same reasons. Many older Habbos frequented this room to reminisce about the early graphical designs.

The room description was "A set of rooms inspired by the original and legendary Mobiles Disco, the progenitor of Habbo"