Fast Food

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Fast Food
Opening date: 2012
Closing date: Unknown

Fast Food was a game on Habbo. The aim of Fast Food was to launch different types of meals to people in the background, using parachutes quicker than the other players. Each game of Fast Food had three players, and ended when a player managed to successfully send five meals to their clients.

There was small chance that after each game that a player would receive an extra power-up to add to their collection - these could also be obtained by purchasing them with Habbo Credits. Only a maximum of three of each power-ups could be used in each game.

There was a set of achievements that players could obtain by playing the game.



Using the Missile, players could launch a missile at the players with the most meals launched in the game, causing the meal they are dropping to be destroyed. They could be purchased for 1 Credit.

Large Parachute

Using the Large Parachute, the player was guaranteed that the meal they were launching would land safely, unless it was hit by a Missile. It also meant that the meal would arrive at the client slower, acting like a realistic parachute. They could also be purchased for 1 Credit.


Using the Shield, players could protect their meal from being hit by a Missile. Note that it did not include the effects of the Large Parachute, so players still had to land their meal safely. They could be purchased for 5 Credits.


There were 5 sets of achievements available. They could be found in the 'Games' tab of the achievements window. The achievements included:

  • Fast Food Protector
  • Last Minute Life Saver
  • Fast Food Regular
  • Fast Food Winner
  • Fast Food Rocketeer

Fast Food Protector

This achievement was earned by using shields to avoid missiles sent by other players.

Last Minute Life Saver

This achievement was earned by using large parachutes to save their plate from smashing on the table.

Fast Food Regular

This achievement was earned by playing Fast Food on multiple days. Unlike the Hotel Guest achievement under Your Profile, this achievement did not require users to play the game on consecutive days or X number of days in a row.

Fast Food Winner

This achievement was earned by winning games of Fast Food. Depending on the player's skill, this achievement set could take a long time to earn. However, power-ups could be used to increase chances of winning.

Fast Food Rocketeer

This achievement was earned by using rockets to destroy opponents' plates.


A leaderboard showed the players who had achieved the most points during the week. At the end of each week, the leaderboard is reset. The winner, and 3 lucky players randomly drawn from the top 50, received a prize.