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Opening date: May 7, 2001
Closing date: Unknown

Habburgers, also known as the Flava Burger Bar was one of original Public Rooms, and one of the few that survived the shift to Habbo Beta, with only the Bot being removed. The room altogether was later removed. It was one of the most popular Public Rooms.

The room description was "American classics - burgers, fries and shakes. And ketchup, so much ketchup."


  • Burger King (CA, ES)
  • Halloween 2008
  • Splash Plastic

Classic Habburgers Bundle

The Classic Habburgers Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released on Habbo in August 2016. The bundle was accidentally released 3 days early, on 12th August. All of the users who bought the bundle when it was accidentally placed in the shop were trade-locked until the bundle was available.

Many Habbos complained about the size of this bundle as each person would have to buy multiple bundles to recreate the room in actual size.