Dusty Lounge

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Dusty Lounge
Opening date: Unknown
Closing date: Ongoing

The Dusty Lounge was once a Public Room on Habbo. There were Bots placed around the room, the most famous being Gary (aka Asherlee). The room description was "A dignified lounge for sitting back and enjoying a liquorice pipe".

A version of this once popular Public Room still exists on the clone account: Room Builders Inc - owned by the current hotel and community manager, Powertoo. The room was designed by Hawky and others within the Room Builders Inc group, which was a campaign that lasted through the first half of 2013; wherein Habbos were tasked with creating rooms for the wider community to enjoy.

Click here to see it - link opens the room in your Habbo client window (or will prompt you to log into it)