Snowstorm Lobby

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Snowstorm Lobby
Opening date: 2006/2007, 2011
Closing date: Unknown

The SnowStorm Lobby is a public room which accompanies the Official Game SnowStorm.

It was first introduced to each hotel when the game launched in late 2006 - early 2007 and formed a hub where players could create and join games of SnowStorm.

When SnowStorm returned in late 2011, despite the game now being accessible from a controller in the users' menu bar, players asked Sulake to bring back the Lobby for a pre-game chill out room. The Snowstorm Lobby was recreated on 20 December 2011, owned by SnowStormGames.

The room was similar to the original lobby but with update furniture featuring new items not yet available to players (such as the Epic Fireplace).

Although it no longer features under the 'Public Rooms' tab, the room can still be found on Habbo.

The room has been recreated by users as much of the furni is available in the Catalogue. However the walls, exterior and background is an exclusive, staff only furni called ads_background.