The Habbo Kitchen

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Habbo Kitchen
Opening date: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown

The Habbo Kitchen, also known as the Hotel Kitchen was a Public Room on Habbo laid out like a kitchen. There was an interactive Bot named Piers inside, who would make food-related comments. It was a very popular room until the relase of Diner and Kitchen Furni, and therefore player-owned kitchens. As Piers could roam freely around the workstations in the middle of the room, he was often trapped by Habbos in the right side of the room for fun.

The room description was "Chef's cooking up a storm..."


  • With the release of the kitchen furniture in 2009, habbo held a major campaign called Chaotic Kitchen Exchange. The avatar habbo used to held the competitions was called ChefPiers named after the cook that once roamed the kitchen.