Habbo Creatures

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Habbo Creatures
Release date: January 2006
Category: Mobile Games
Year discontinued: 2008/2009

Habbo Creatures was a Mobile Game developed and released by Sulake in January 2006. It was their fifth Habbo themed mobile game (after Space Pool) and was very similar to the popular kids game "Tamagotchi". The game allowed you to pick either a blue or pink creature, interact and play various mini-games with it. Here is a quote from Sulake announcing the game:

"We have discovered two peculiar critters on a remote island! Pix and Tweedles are two crazy and cute creatures. Pix likes to play it cool, while Tweedles likes things cute and pink. "The game comes in two version (Tweedles and Pix) These are both fun-filled games in which you use your creativity and skill to make the most of your Habbo Creature. Collect all the professions, play the action packed mini-games or just do plain crazy stuff with your Creature!"

The game was released at a price of £5.00 and was only available for certain Sony Ericsson models. The download link to the game was removed sometime during 2008/2009.