Habbo Speedway

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Habbo Speedway

Habbo Speedway is one of the many games developed by a third party developer for use in the hotel. This game was developed by Remode and has now been released in all hotels. The aim of the game is to beat other players in a race around a virtual track, with power ups being available for use along the way. The game features a live mode as well as a practice mode. The practice mode allows users to race against automated bots in order to practice the game. The practice mode also allows the use of an infinite amount of power-ups.


Playing the game is very simple and requires users to only press down on the space bar. Steering controls are not necessary as this is done automatically on the game and it is really about judging the speed of the vehicle on the track. Go too fast and the vehicle will spin out of control, go too slow and other racers will rapidly speed past to take the lead. To gain a head lead in the race all players can use power ups to hinder other users and take pole position. Users are also able to customise their vehicle in the game but this requires credits. Users can purchase additional spaces in their garage, purchase new vehicles, change paint colours, effects or even add horns and flags to vehicles.


Once in the game, various power-ups are available that can be used to help the player or sabotage the attempts of other players. Each day when loading the game players are able to take part in the daily draw which will result in the prize of one of these power ups. The power-ups include:

Speed Boost

Boost This power up will send your vehicle speeding off at the speed of light, passing out other racers. To buy 10 boosts it will cost 3 credits.


Glue This power up leaves a patch of sticky glue behind the player's car waiting to be hit by the racer behind. To buy 10 tubes of glue it will cost 1 credit.


Missile This power up will send a missile shooting ahead to take out the player in front. To buy 5 missiles it will cost 5 credits.


Habbo Speedway Racer

Awarded for winning different amounts of races. 3 levels in total.

Habbo Speedway Duck Master

For winning 20 ducks in the Habbo Speedway Lottery, only one level available.

Habbo Speedway Speedster

For taking part in 100 Speedway races, only one level available.