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Habbo Pix

Habbo Pix was a official game that was first released to users on October 8th 2012. It is a spin-off of the highly popular application "Draw Something". Its initial release was limited to Habbo.fi users (hence it being branded "Alpha") and there was some uncertainty as to whether Habbo.com (International) users and other communities would be receiving the game. This uncertainty was removed on October 19th 2012, when the game finally reached other communities in its "Beta" version (with colours). Habbo Pix was the first official game released after Habbo Beta which allowed users to directly challenge their friends.

How To Play

Once a user has selected "Habbo Pix" from the Games menu located on the sidebar and chosen which friend they'd like to challenge, a screen will pop up. From there users can select the difficulty of the word they'd like to draw; easy, medium or hard, and then the game begins. Each user takes it in turns to draw a picture using the tint white, the colour grey and/or the shade black. Once the user is satisfied with their

Box displaying opponent

picture, they press submit and wait for the other person to guess what word it corresponds to by clicking the letters on the left-hand side.

A user receives a tool (in the shape of a hammer) which makes the game easier, for each correct word they guess. The number of tools they receive per word is dependent upon the difficulty of that word (one tool for easy, two for medium and three for hard). These tools can be considered similar to the "power ups" used in Fast Food and Freeze.

Originally, grey was the only colour available (due to black being a shade and white being a tint) in the game, but were added when the beta version of Habbo Pix reached Habbo.com (International). However, users have to pay Credits in order to gain certain colours.


There are three basic editing tools available in the game:

Hammer Tool.png
  • Pencil - required to draw a picture.
  • Eraser - used to remove parts of a picture.
  • Recycle Bin - used to delete the entire picture.

There is also one advanced tool available in the game:

  • "Hammer" - can either be used to clear a certain amount of words from the box on the left-hand side (whilst guessing a picture). Otherwise, it can be used to alter the three words displayed next to easy, medium and hard.


Eight different colours were introduced into the "Beta" version of the game (October 19th 2012), the purple colour set caused a massive outcry due to the price of 50 credits. The colours available are;

  • Yellow Set - 5 Credits
  • Light Blue Set - 10 Credits
  • Red Set - 2 Credits
  • Purple Set - 50 Credits
  • Green Set - 10 Credits
  • Orange Set - 5 Credits
  • Dark Blue Set - 5 Credits
  • Brown Set - 10 Credits