BattleBall Lounge

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BattleBall Lounge
Opening date: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown

The BattleBall Lounges were introduced when BattleBall arrived into the Hotel. The Public Spaces functioned as game rooms where players could chat and find opponents before playing a match. There were few different rooms to coincide with players leaving matches and joining rooms. The interface to play automatically appeared on the left side of the room. Depending on your level, rooms included the Beginner BattleBall Lounge, Intermediate Battle Ball Lounge, Amateur BattleBall Lounge and the Expert BattleBall Lounges. Often, the lounges featured copies of the same room with numbers such as Expert BattleBall Lounge 2 to cope with the popularity of the game at the time. During tournaments, a special grey/black room was added to the navigator and inside the game, the color of the room was slightly different.


  • Poster added on far right wall for Super Mario Bros Campaign
  • Battle Ball Amateur Lounge