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The Hallways were a series of interconnected Public Rooms, like a very easy Maze. There were two versions of the Hallways one with a red color scheme and the other one with a green color scheme. The green colored Hallways were called Labyrinth. The Hallways were mostly used for protesters or for old Habbos to show off rare names or Badges but we're also very popular to play Hide and Seek in since it had good hiding places like behind the pillars. Back in the days of the old public rooms, habbo names didn't show up when u joined a room, making it harder to find the other Habbo. One of the Hallway rooms had a space where a statue could be found with chairs and tables around it. This statue resembled the (later announced) Father of Habbo. This statue could not be found in the Labyrinth.

Official Rooms

In February 2015, Public Spaces had been removed from hotels and replaced with Official Rooms. A new version of the Hallways were introduced as well, but this time much smaller. Where the old Hallways consisted of six linked rooms and no Welcome Lounge (this was another public room), they now are reduced to three rooms and the Welcome Lounge combined, although this one still counts as a separated room the hallways link to it, where the old versions didn't.



  • The room description for each one was "Play tag in the hotel hallways!"