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Streetz, also known as Superstar Streetz is part of the Games Centre and is based on the racing and combat of vehicles. This game is the first to truly utilise multiplayer action as not only can players go head to head against other Habbos, they can also take on players from outside the Habbo world, such as players using the game on Facebook or direct from their PC which makes the game the largest in the Games Centre. The game has two different modes - race and lobby. There are no achievements available in this game as the game is so large and multi-platform that it would be hard to implement them.

Game Modes

In the race mode, players can race against other users in an attempt to complete as many checkpoints as possible. Players control the vehicle using the arrow keys as with most driving games. Each game begins by counting down from 1 minute until the race starts, or if 10 players are in the game, the race will start immediately. Each game will last for 2 minutes and during this time players must hit as many checkpoints as possible and the player who passes through the most will be crowned the winner of the race. The other game mode is the lobby, this allows users to meet other players can visit the various buildings around the lobby area including garages to buy upgrades, shops to buy new weapons and the team office.

There is a wide array of upgrades to apply to vehicles ranging from wheels, engines, paintwork and even new tyres, along with the ability to buy brand new cars. The weapons menu is also very large, with options to choose from such as projectiles, mines and bombs and even more severe weapons such as a nuke and air strike. However, all of these items strongly rely on the use of in-game currency to purchase these in order to reach high scores.