Lido Diving

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Lido Diving
Opening date: 2002
Closing date: May 2009
Year discontinued: November 2009

Lido Diving was one of the first Habbo minigames (it had been around since early 2001) and was located in the second part of the Lido. It featured a diving board and a closed off diving area and the ability for users to rate each others performances. Lido Diving can be seen by choosing Faith in the Habbo Experience video. When the Lido diving board was closed (and when first released) the Lido would show construction around the diving board permitting entry. When on the diving board, clouds would move from right to left in the background.

How to Play

In order to play you first had to be in a swimming costume and then you had to join the queue. To join the queue you had to have a game ticket which you could purchase from a dispenser for Credits. The price of tickets was 2 credits for 5 tickets. The queue had markings laid out on the ground and in a similar fashion to rollers automatically pushed you to the next square when it was empty. Eventually you got to an elevator which opened up when the last person had finished diving and took you to the top of the diving board, at this point your ticket was redeemed and could not be returned, whether you dove or not.

On the board the Habbos were controlled using keyboard keys and sprinted to the end of the diving board. If it was timed well the Habbo would jump off the end high into the air, otherwise the Habbo would simply fall from the edge and have less time to perform tricks. From this point the usual strategy was to mash keys in order to pull off tricks and poses such as a star shape or a superman pose. The Habbo then enters the water with a splash and is automatically swum clear of the diving area without the player's involvement.

Image Description

Throw your hands out! Just be sure not to land like this... It might hurt ;)

Air Guitar

This one goes up to 11...

The Flex

Show off those muscles and impress all onlookers.


Make a splash with this move that'll flood any bystanders in your glory!

Air Punch

Because the air hates you too.


The perfect finishing move for the most graceful divers.


In the second part of the Lido there was also a large screen (or Jumbotron). Most of the time it showed various Habbos throughout the Lido, however when someone dove off the diving board it showed them as they were diving and pulling off tricks. There was an option in the Lido to put up a scorecard with numbers 1-10 and a couple of symbols, and if you put up the scorecard as the person was still in the water after diving the large screen would centre on the Habbo who just dived, with an averaged score underneath.


There was a way after diving of staying in the diving area (something which is normally impossible to do) by clicking on specific squares, and having done this you were free to swim around in the diving area.


When Habbo upgraded to the BETA/Flash client, all of the old Official Games were removed. Lido Diving is one of the games that has yet to return and it isn't expected to return any time soon, even though Sulake promised users in 2009 it would make a comeback. The reason given for its removal was due to coding issues with all the official games, thus making it impossible to transfer them to the BETA client in a working manner.