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TV Studio
Opening date: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown

The Habbo TV Studio was a public room which is designed to look like a TV set - including cameras and lighting. As this furni was unavailable elsewhere in the hotel, this room attracted many roleplaying groups. It was used often for promotional events, especially those concerning TV programs. There was a billboard added soon after its initial release, which changed for each campaign.

The furniture of the TV Studio were later remastered after the removal of the public rooms. Many believed the furniture were created to remake the tv studio again, but habbo desides to release them as furniture line. This was far before habbo desides to make Classic Habbo bundles and furniture.


  • Billboard and rug added for M6 campaign FR)
  • Recoloured silver/red for M6 campaign (FR, September 2009)
  • Recoloured blue and music furni added for Much Music campaign (CA)
  • Recoloured yellow for Nike campaign
  • Redesigned like the Box studio for The Box campaign (NL)
  • Recoloured pink for Viva Live! campaign (DE)
  • Recoloured blue for The Insiders campaign (UK)
  • Recoloured in Union Flag colours for Buzz Brain (UK)
  • Recoloured grayscale with logos for Antena 3 campaign (ES)
  • Recoloured blue/black for MTV campaign (International)
  • Recoloured green and renamed Bubblejuice Movie Studio conveying to sponsors how they can advertise at Habbo