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Snow Storm

SnowStorm (also known as SS) is a game on Habbo based on an older Sulake game called Lumisota. The aim of the game is for players to try and throw snowballs at others to earn points for their team.

SnowStorm was released in late 2006 and was available until the New Habbo update in 2009, when the hotel moved from the Shockwave client to the Flash client. It was reintroduced under the name SnowStorm Shuffle from December 2011 to 2014. The most recent version of the game was released in April 2021 and is available on the downloadable Habbo AIR Classic client.


Lumisota was an early Sulake game, released after the success of Mobiles Disco. Players were split into teams and had to shoot Snowballs at each other. The fundamentals and many design elements of the game formed the origins of the Habbo version.


Introduction to Habbo

Snowstorm Waiting for Players lobby

In 2006, Snow Storm was introducted to Habbo as part of Version 11 between late 2006 and early 2007. It was first deployed onto,, and in December 2006, where it was initially free to play. It was deployed onto, and in January 2007.

Players had to use Gaming Tickets to purchase a game of Snow Storm. Tickets cost 2c for 5 Gaming Tickets (later 1c for 2 or 6c for 20). Players could either choose to join an existing game or create a new game, where they were able to choose a map, set a time limit, and select whether it was a team game or individual.

New arenas were introduced with V14 (July 2007).

In 2009, when Habbo changed platforms to Flash, from Shockwave, Snow Storm was removed along with the other Official Games.


Catalogue header for Freeze

When Snow Storm was removed, Habbo developed a range of game furniture called Freeze (along with Battle Banzai) intended to replicate the functionality of the game in user-made rooms. It was released on December 15, 2010 and came with a range of furni including team gates and scoreboards, and a set of Achievements.

The game was initially well-received and popular in the hotel.

SnowStorm Shuffle

SnowStorm logo

Due to popular demand, and the decreasing interest in Freeze furni, Habbo reintroduced Snow Storm to the Hotel. It was re-released on December 12 2011 under a new name - SnowStorm Shuffle.

At first, only VIP members were able to play the newly reformed SnowStorm game. After some backlash, Habbo changed the system so non-VIP members could play up to 3 times per day, whereas VIP members could play as many times a day as they wanted.

Soon after the launch of SnowStorm Shuffle, a new public room was introduced where players could start SnowStorm games from - the SnowStorm Lobby.

SnowStorm Shuffle was removed entirely in 2014 along with all the other games featured in the Game Centre.

2021 Return

In March 2021, Habbo staff suggested that SnowStorm was making a return again with a tweet. They then promoted the return of SnowStorm on Twitter and Youtube before its released on April 23.

Users receive three free game tokens a day (or 30 tokens for HC users) and extra tokens can also be bought. A leaderboard shows the top players on the hotel and a user's friend list.

SnowStorm can only be accessed through the downloadable AIR Classic client.



The 2021 return of the game saw the introduction of numerous achievements under the Games category.

Snow fight and the seen targets

Differing levels of this achievement was awarded to players based on how many opponents they had hit in-game.

ACH SnowStormHit 1.png Snow fight and the seen targets I - For hitting opponents with 5 snow balls in SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormHit 2.png Snow fight and the seen targets II - For hitting opponents with 50 snow balls in SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormHit 3.png Snow fight and the seen targets III - For hitting opponents with 500 snow balls in SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormHit 4.png Snow fight and the seen targets IV - For hitting opponents with 5000 snow balls in SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormHit 5.png Snow fight and the seen targets V - For hitting opponents with 15000 snow balls in SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormHit 6.png Snow fight and the seen targets VI
ACH SnowStormHit 7.png Snow fight and the seen targets VII
ACH SnowStormHit 8.png Snow fight and the seen targets VIII
ACH SnowStormHit 9.png Snow fight and the seen targets IX
ACH SnowStormHit 10.png Snow fight and the seen targets X


ACH SnowStormWin 1.png Snowhow I - For winning 5 SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormWin 2.png Snowhow II - For winning 25 SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormWin 3.png Snowhow III - For winning 100 SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormWin 4.png Snowhow IV - For winning 400 SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormWin 5.png Snowhow V - For winning 1000 SnowStorm games.
ACH SnowStormWin 6.png Snowhow VI
ACH SnowStormWin 7.png Snowhow VII
ACH SnowStormWin 8.png Snowhow VIII
ACH SnowStormWin 9.png Snowhow IX
ACH SnowStormWin 10.png Snowhow X

Hardly the Target

ACH SnowStormThrow 1.png Hardly the Target I - For playing xylophone 5 times while winning in SnowStorm.
ACH SnowStormThrow 2.png Hardly the Target II - For playing xylophone 50 times while winning in SnowStorm.
ACH SnowStormThrow 3.png Hardly the Target III - For playing xylophone 500 times while winning in SnowStorm.
ACH SnowStormThrow 4.png Hardly the Target IV - For playing xylophone 5000 times while winning in SnowStorm.
ACH SnowStormThrow 5.png Hardly the Target V
ACH SnowStormThrow 6.png Hardly the Target VI
ACH SnowStormThrow 7.png Hardly the Target VII
ACH SnowStormThrow 8.png Hardly the Target VIII
ACH SnowStormThrow 9.png Hardly the Target IX
ACH SnowStormThrow 10.png Hardly the Target X

How to play

One of the maps in the re-released SnowStorm Shuffle game

The aim of the game is to win points by throwing snowballs at the opposing team. Players are randomly allocated to a team of up to nine others (although in older versions, there were 3 teams, and an option for a game with no teams).

Once the teams are full, players enter the playing arena. Players can see their Habbo's head (with a snowy outfit on), energy, points they've scored, how many snowballs they currently have, time remaining and overall points for the two teams. There is also the option to leave the game.

Players move around by clicking squares - the normal way players move around on Habbo - and clicking on a Habbo throws a snowball at them. Each player can only take five hits, any more than five and they will fall to the ground, frozen from play for five seconds.

To throw snowballs over large objects (such as trees), players can click the Shift button whilst clicking on the opponent.

Once the player had run out of snowballs, they need to click the 'Scooper' button, which makes their avatar go down to the floor to scoop up some snow to create a snowball.

Successfully hitting an opponent gives the player one point, and making them fall to the ground (after five strikes) gives the player five points.


Below you can see screenshots of the game over the years, promotional artwork and features within Habbo Hotel

There was also a range of Habbo Home stickers released alongside SnowStorm: