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Habbox Help Desk
Manager: Natty_Nat_Nat
Assistant manager: welshcake
Room owner: __tbl
Operating years: 2004 - Present

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The Habbox Help Desk, also known as the Help Desk Department and commonly abbreviated as HxHD, is both a room on Habbo (currently owned by Ozad) and a Habbox department. In this room, there is a team of Help Desk Staff who assist Habbo users with questions about Habbo and Habbox. The Habbox Help Desk offers a wide range of in-game help and acts as a hub to hang out and interact with the Habbox community. HxHD Layouts are often changed to suit seasonal or promotional periods for both Habbox and Habbo.

The Help Desk Department was introduced in 2004 and it has been a known department ever since, with the room going through an enormous number of designs. The first ever Habbox Help Desk was owned by Mizki, the founder and original owner of Habbox. DJ-3000 was the first ever Help Desk Manager.

Help Desk Managers would generally own the Help Desk in years gone by, but has since shifted to a General Management ownership. When xxMATTGxx became Co-Owner, it was decided that the new HxHD owner should be Shonly, then the Assistant General Manager (Community), but ownership returned to xxMATTGxx in March 2015 following Shonly's resignation. After some discussions among General Management, it was once again decided that handing over ownership to the active General Management would be more appropriate and so Assistant General Manager (Community) Absently became room owner in January 2016. After Absently resigned in 2017 Shonly, returning as Assistant General Manager (Campaigns), became the room owner again. In 2019 General Manager (Campaigns) Ozad became the room owner after Shonly's resignation. In 2023 after Ozads resignation __tbl became the room owner.

The Help Desk is currently managed by Natty_Nat_Nat.

Department Structure

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Help Desk Management The Help Desk Management oversee the department in its entirety. They are strongly involved in general Habbox activities (especially the large cross-departmental seasonal events) and are the first port of call for any complaints or difficulties within the department. Recruitment, discipline, and any necessary training will largely be performed by the managers, as well as being active in the larger community and being the face of the department.
Senior Help Desk Staff The Senior Help Desk Staff's duties are more or less the same as regular Help Desk Staff, however they are expected to take on more of a leadership position with a focus on ensuring staff are engaged in their role as well as administrative work such as leaderboard and report writing.
Help Desk Staff The Help Desk staff make up the bulk of Help Desk personnel. Their main job is helping Habbos who come into the help desk while they are "clocked in", but other duties of Help Desk Staff include moderating the room and hosting the weekly Saturday Night Quiz.

Help Desk Managers

Help Desk Manager Start Date End Date Length of tenure
.Nat 07-Jul-2023 present ongoing
,jamiexo 20-Jun-2021 01-Jul-2023 741 days (2 years, 11 days)
Stealth 06-Oct-2019 20-Jun-2021 623 days (1 year, 8 months, 14 days)
Sian 01-Oct-2018 06-Aug-2019 309 days (10 months, 5 days)
Sloths 19-Jun-2017 15-Sep-2018 453 days (1 year, 2 months, 27 days)
Intersocial 13-Mar-2017 21-May-2017 70 days (2 months, 9 days)
prxsiary 19-Jan-2017 17-Feb-2017 29 days (0 months, 29 days)
JohnLivingston 03-Jan-2017 19-Jan-2017 16 days (0 months, 16 days)
Lill-MeeDK 29-Aug-2016 08-Dec-2016 101 days (3 months, 9 days)
Minion?! 02-May-2016 01-Aug-2016 91 days (2 months, 30 days)
.:Q99:. 22-Feb-2016 02-May-2016 70 days (2 months, 10 days)
:Cerys 31-Oct-2015 07-Feb-2016 99 days (3 months, 7 days)
Jellyfish 14-Sep-2015 20-Oct-2015 36 days (1 months, 6 days)
HeyyitsHannah 22-July-2015 13-Sep-2015 53 days (1 months, 22 days)
welshcake 12-July-2015 21-July-2015 9 days (0 months, 9 days)
dbgtz 14-Apr-2015 07-July-2015 84 days (2 months, 23 days)
Kellie 30-Mar-2015 01-Apr-2015 2 days (0 months, 2 days)
Absently 18-June-2014 29-Mar-2015 284 days (9 months, 11 days)
zebbadi 27-Feb-2014 16-June-2014 109 days (3 months, 20 days)
Empired 18-Nov-2013 27-Apr-2014 160 days (5 months, 9 days)
Sloths 18-Nov-2013 05-Mar-2014 107 days (3 months, 15 days)
Ekelektra 21-Aug-2013 29-Oct-2013 69 days (2 months, 8 days)
Ms.Aquamarine 03-Dec-2011 20-Aug-2013 626 days (1 year, 8 months, 17 days)
kaylinboo 11-Aug-2011 03-Dec-2011 114 days (3 months, 22 days)
StripedTiger 27-July-2011 09-Aug-2011 13 days (0 months, 13 days)
Hecktix 26-Aug-2011 27-Aug-2011 1 day (0 months, 1 days)
Roxy916 06-Mar-2011 24-July-2011 140 days (4 months, 18 days)
=Lizzy 19-Feb-2011 06-Mar-2011 15 days (0 months, 15 days)
Bolt660 05-Feb-2011 19-Feb-2011 14 days (0 months, 14 days)
HotelUser 24-June-2010 05-Feb-2011 226 days (7 months, 12 days)
dogboy123 05-Feb-2009 24-June-2010 504 days (1 year, 4 months, 19 days)
Leahh. 05-Feb-2009 09-July-2009 154 days (5 months, 8 days)
Jaiisun 02-Oct-2008 03-Feb-2009 124 days (4 months, 1 days)
Dinasaw 20-June-2008 01-Oct-2008 103 days (3 months, 11 days)
Dan2nd 18-May-2008 20-July-2008 63 days (2 months, 2 days)
Alkaz 11-Apr-2008 18-May-2008 37 days (1 months, 7 days)
NintendoNews 15-Oct-2007 11-Apr-2008 179 days (5 months, 27 days)
Immenseman 15-Oct-2007 17-Jan-2008 94 days (3 months, 2 days)
Bren-Element 19-Apr-2007 09-June-2007 51 days (1 months, 21 days)
Wiseben 10-Jan-2007 17-Apr-2007 97 days (3 months, 7 days)
Hecktix 08-Nov-2006 10-Jan-2007 63 days (2 months, 2 days)
nvrspk4 30-Oct-2006 08-Nov-2006 9 days (0 months, 9 days)
Krypsis 26-Sep-2006 29-Oct-2006 33 days (1 months, 3 days)
Re-call 08-Sep-2006 26-Sep-2006 18 days (0 months, 18 days)
Angel-Light 27-July-2006 30-Oct-2006 95 days (3 months, 3 days)
Calzeh 09-Jan-2006 03-June-2006 145 days (4 months, 25 days)
Eckuii 09-Jan-2006 04-Sep-2006 238 days (7 months, 26 days)
Spectate 01-Nov-2005 09-Jan-2006 69 days (2 months, 8 days)
Spectate 23-Oct-2004 08-July-2005 258 days (8 months, 15 days)
DJ-3000 18-Aug-2004 27-Oct-2005 435 days (1 year, 2 months, 9 days)
Mizki 22-June-2004 19-Sep-2004 89 days (2 months, 28 days)

Help Desk Assistant Managers

Help Desk Assistant Manager Start Date End Date Length of tenure
welshcake 07-Jul-2023 present ongoing
Natty_Nat_Nat 21-Jun-2021 07-Jul-2023 746 days (2 years, 16 days)
,jamiexo 10-Oct-2020 20-Jun-2021 253 days (8 months, 7 days)
Jarkie 18-Mar-2020 30-Sep-2020 196 days (6 months, 12 days)
scatterbox 06-Oct-2019 29-Feb-2020 146 days (4 months, 23 days)
Ruth-On-Toast 01-Oct-2018 10-Jul-2019 282 days (9 months, 9 days)
Tupoxi 07-Feb-2018 11-Sep-2018 216 days (7 months, 4 days)
Sloths 13-Mar-2017 19-Jun-2017 98 days (3 months, 6 days)
prxsiary 03-Jan-2017 19-Jan-2017 16 days (0 months, 16 days)
.:Q99:. 29-Aug-2016 05-Oct-2016 37 days (1 months, 6 days)
Lill-MeeDK 16-May-2016 29-Aug-2016 105 days (3 months, 13 days)
Minion?! 24-Mar-2016 02-May-2016 39 days (1 months, 8 days)
Kellie 25-Feb-2016 21-Mar-2016 25 days (0 months, 25 days)
.:Q99:. 31-Oct-2015 22-Feb-2016 114 days (3 months, 22 days)
dbgtz 30-Mar-2015 14-Apr-2015 15 days (0 months, 15 days)
Kellie 15-Sep-2014 30-Mar-2015 196 days (6 months, 15 days)
Jellyfish 18-Jun-2014 29-Jul-2014 41 days (1 months, 11 days)
Ekelektra 09-Jun-2013 2-Aug-2013 54 days (1 months, 24 days)
Red 20-Jan-2013 22-May-2013 122 days (4 months, 2 days)
Garriet 10-Mar-2012 13-Jan-2013 309 days (10 months, 3 days)
Ms.Aquamarine 25-Oct-2011 10-Mar-2012 137 days (4 months, 14 days)
Jordesh 11-Oct-2011 17-Dec-2010 298 days (9 months, 24 days)
Shar, 09-Oct-2010 11-Oct-2010 2 days (0 months, 2 days)
Shar, 26-Jul-2010 26-Sep-2010 62 days (2 months, 0 days)
HotelUser 18-Oct-2009 24-Jun-2010 62 days (2 months, 0 days)
Flatface 12-Apr-2009 13-Sep-2009 249 days (8 months, 6 days)
CHA!NGANG 05-Feb-2009 12-Apr-2009 66 days (2 months, 7 days)
Leaahh. 12-Jan-2009 03-Feb-2009 22 days (0 months, 22 days)
Roxy916 12-Oct-2008 3-Nov-2008 22 days (0 months, 22 days)
Jaiisun 23-Sep-2008 01-Oct-2008 8 days (0 months, 8 days)
Angel-Light 18-Jul-2008 23-Sep-2008 67 days (2 months, 5 days)
Dinasaw 24-May-2008 20-Jun-2008 27 days (0 months, 27 days)
Dan2nd 04-Jul-2007 18-May-2008 319 days (10 months, 14 days)
Alkaz 21-Jan-2007 04-Jul-2007 164 days (5 months, 13 days)
Dan2nd 04-Jul-2007 15-Oct-2007 103 days (3 months, 11 days)
Joz104 12-Jan-2007 14-Jul-2007 183 days (6 months, 2 days)
Foxmoth 26-Sep-2006 29-Oct-2006 33 days (1 months, 3 days)
Krypsis 09-Sep-2006 26-Sep-2006 17 days (0 months, 17 days)
Angel-Light 06-May-2006 27-Jul-2006 82 days (2 months, 21 days)
Spectate 29-Aug-2005 01-Nov-2005 64 days (2 months, 3 days)
Angel-Light 04-Aug-2005 26-Oct-2005 83 days (2 months, 22 days)
Calzeh 26-May-2005 09-Jan-2006 228 days (7 months, 14 days)
Cypher- 26-May-2005 09-Jan-2006 228 days (7 months, 14 days)
Spectate 03-Oct-2004 23-Oct-2004 20 days (0 months, 20 days)

Design The Help Desk

For past versions of the Help Desk, see HxHD Layouts

On January 29th 2012, a competition began that allowed HabboxForum users to submit their room designs for HxHD in order to improve the suitability of the HxHD layout depending upon a certain event or season. Any user who manages to get their design chosen receives a forum reward and one month of forum VIP as well as the liberty of witnessing their creation being used. Here is a list of the past winners:

Theme Date Room creator
Valentine's 12-Feb-2012 Red
March 03-Mar-2012 JerseyShore
Spring 07-Apr-2012 xxMATTGxx
Summer 03-Aug-2012 Red and Kyle
Habboxween 18-Oct-2012 Ellz
November 01-Nov-2012 xxMATTGxx
Christmas 04-Dec-2012 Red
January 01-Jan-2013 xxMATTGxx
Valentine's 10-Feb-2013 Ellz
Spring - xxMATTGxx
10 Year Anniversary - Absently; Skynus
Summer - xxMATTGxx
Habboxween 20-Oct-2013 lawrawrrr
Christmas 02-Dec-2013 Comity
Summer - Storking & Kyle
June 02-Jun-2014 Kyle, Storking & Okeanos
Back to School 04-Sep-2014 lawrawrrr
Habboxween - Absently & Pasta
November 09-Nov-2014 Zitrone
Christmas 01-Dec-2014 dbgtz
January 12-Jan-2015 Jamez
Hogwarts 05-Feb-2015 Shonly
Easter 07-Mar-2015 Plebings
Spring 14-Apr-2015 Per-Simon
Summer 07-Jun-2015 Plebings
HxSS 03-Aug-2015 Zitrone
September 20-Sep-2015 Ellz
Habboxween 20-Sep-2015 iDrew
Christmas 13-Nov-2015 Plebings & thms
Valentine's 06-Feb-2016 Plebings
March 14-Mar-2016 Mrs_Plant
Eurovision 24-Apr-2016 Plebings
June 06-June-2016 Mrs_Plant
Habboxween 25-Oct-2016 Mrs_Plant
November 22-Nov-2016 Plebings; Yuxin; FlyingJesus
Valyrian.; LordOfKittyKats
Christmas 19-Dec-2016 Yuxin; disrespectful; Plebings
Generic 18-Jan-2017 Plebings
Valentine's 13-Feb-2017 FUNISMYME
Spring 08-Apr-2017 Sho
Summer June 2017 Absently
HxSS Superheroes August 2017 Absently
Back To School 09-Sep-2017 Sho
Habboxween 14-Oct-2017 iPoluted
Forest Campfire Nov-2017 lawrawrrr
Christmas 06-Dec-2017 iPoluted
Retro 06-Jan-2018 Despect & Shonly
Valentine's 02-Feb-2018 Sho
Generic 07-Mar-2018 Jempire2014
Easter 25-Mar-2018 Despect & Tupoxi
Content Week 14-Apr-2018 Marinetti
Generic 09-May-2018 Its.Dino
Generic 24-May-2018 despect & Tupoxi
Underwater 17-Jun-2018 Deactivate!
HxSS 09-Aug-2018 Shonly
Generic 27-Aug-2018 _spirit
Habboxween 18-Oct-2018 Marinetti
Generic 07-Nov-2018 nic01e
Christmas 06-Dec-2018 lawrawrrr
January 05-Jan-2019 Its.Dino & nic01e
Valentine's 05-Feb-2019 lawrawrrr
Spring 05-Mar-2019 Shonly
Easter 10-Apr-2019 Ruth-On-Toast
Ancient Greek 15-May-2019 Its.Dino
Content Week 15-Jun-2019 Shonly
Pride 08-Jul-2019 Shonly
HxSS 05-Aug-2019 Shonly
Fall/Autumn 23-Sep-2019 FlyingJesus
Habboxween 10-Oct-2019 Its.Dino
Kitchen 19-Nov-2019 Its.Dino
Habboxmas 08-Dec-2019 Slurrey
January 05-Jan-2020 Its.Dino
Valentine’s 01-Feb-2020 Deactivate!
March 08-Mar-2020 Hx.Ben
Easter 05-Apr-2020 lawrawrrr
#StayAtHome 28-Apr-2020 FlyingJesus
Retro 11-May-2020 Its.Dino
Shipwreck 10-Jun-2020 Jellyfish, Cerys and Its.Dino
Festival 27-Jun-2020 Ozad, Cerys, __tbl and Oivind
Summer 17-Jul-2020 Cerys
HxSS 07-Aug-2020 Ozad, Jarkie, Cerys, Stealth and Oivind
Back to School 2020 08-Sep-2020 Cerys
Habboxween 10-Oct-2020 Hx.Ben
Classic 02-Nov-2020 Ozad
Christmas 13-Dec-2020 Oivind
Classic 04-Jan-2021 Ozad
Valentine's 07-Feb-2021 Oivind
Spring 18-Mar-2021 __tbl
Generic 20-May-2021 Oivind, __tbl and Its.Dino
Road Trip 28-Jun-2021 lawrawrrr and FlyingJesus
HxSS Disney 20-Aug-2021 Ozad, Oivind, Its.Dino, __tbl, MadameJaquack, koh606 and Tinkarbell
Halloween 09-Oct-2021 MadameJaquack, koh606 and Tinkarbell
BubbleJuice Bar 11-Nov-2021 FlyingJesus
Christmas 18-Dec-2021 Tinkarbell
Classic 02-Jan-2022 Ozad, ,jamiexo and Jarkie
Spring 05-Mar-2022 Natty Nat Nat
Easter 16-Apr-2022 Natty Nat Nat
Classic 10-May-2022 N/A
Pride 09-Jun-2022 Ozad, lawrawrrr and FlyingJesus
Fossil Hunting 13-Jul-2022 Its.Dino
HxSS Superheros 11-Aug-2022 Tinkarbell
September 02-Sep-2022 Natty Nat Nat and ,jamiexo
Halloween 06-Oct-2022 Tinkarbell
November 12-Nov-2022 Its.Dino
Christmas 13-Dec-2022 The-Dream07

The Saturday Night Quiz

Forum Award

As part of their commitment to providing a fun and entertaining experience for all Habbos, the Help Desk department runs a Saturday Night Quiz with the help of their Help Desk Staff. This is a weekly event and occurs in the help desk every Saturday night at 9pm, UK time. If you win this quiz, you win a special Saturday Night Quiz forum award, as well as 1 month of forum VIP. Although it retains the title of "Saturday Night Quiz" in honour of the event's long history as part of the Help Desk over the years, it is no longer restricted to just Saturdays and the days/times may change to suit the staff hosting.


The Saturday Night Quiz consists of around 20 questions but where possible these will be split into categories of 5 questions each to shake things up and ensure a range of topics. For each question a person answers correctly, that person receives 1 point. 1 credit will be given per correct question to be handed out at the end of each category. The person with the most points at the end of the set of questions is the winner and receives 1 month of forum VIP as well as a forum award - there is often also a bonus furni reward, at the discretion of the host.