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Habbox is a fansite which cares much about the community, official rooms are valued massively. Many Habbos try to get their rooms submitted for the official status. The Habbox General Management team decides on whether or not it should become an official Habbox room or not.

Official rooms can help in many ways, the owner of the official room firstly gets their room advertised and supported by Habbox. As a partner the room owners advertise Habbox; We have seen this through many different ways such as stickies, wired and event bots! If someone is interested in making their room an official Habbox room, they should contact one of the Habbox General Management.


Room Room owner Room description
Ozad The Habbox Hallway is owned by Ozad and this is where all the teleporters linking to the official rooms live, and also where our monthly fansite badge events start from, on the left of the room. You can go straight to this room by searching Ozad and also via the door teleport in the Help Desk (owned by Ozad)! The Hallway is a nice and cosy room where you can hang out with your friends and talk to other Habbox staff members! Just search ozad!
__tbl The Habbox Help Desk is the place to be! Owned by __tbl it is always packed full of Habbox staff and friendly Habbos. It's your one-stop shop to get any help you may need, talk, chill out and make new friends! The Help Desk is currently managed by Natty Nat Nat and welshcake with a fantastic Help Desk team so please do come and visit us sometime! By searching __tbl!
Ohzad The Habbox Events Hallway leads to many other Habbox event rooms! It leads to the most popular Habbox-hosted events and the Habbox AUTO game rooms! Search Ohzad!
DJ_Shadow This cool little hangout is great for the trading community, it showcases some amazing rares, unique furni and leads to many other trading rooms! Ultra Rare Trade is one of Habbo's biggest and most active groups and forums, it is very popular with trading pros and noobs alike! They are also our official partner for the Habbox Rare Values system. If you are interested in seeing these spectacular ranges or would simply like to trade, go and search DJ_Shadow.
Stringeled The Eyecatcher Art Gallery is one of the biggest galleries on Habbo. You can go through all of their rooms and see their amazing work, all done by hand, with a lot of care. They have artwork that can cater all of your interests whether that being anything from Music, Habbo or your pets, yes they can do pretty much anything. Why not visit their gallery today? Search Stringeled on the client to visit the room!
:Jin: Ever wondered what Habbox was like back in the good old days? Our wonderful owner Jin still has a set of rooms that were open and popular back in the day showcasing every department and what they might have looked like if we did all actually work in the same room! Check out the Habbox Vintage Offices by searching :Jin: and step back in time...
Ozad The Boxed Auction is owned by Ozad and this is where the Habbox Auction takes place, it is a great room to find that much needed furni or to get rid of something old! If you fancy trying to grab yourself a great bargain or sell off some unwanted furni, then the Boxed Auction is for you! Not only is it a great place for trading, but you can also view the spectacular ranges of furni in the room or simply, chill and chat with your friends. If you would like to pop on down, search ozad on the Client!


  • The Habbox General Management gets to decide on all official rooms.
  • All Official rooms are connected by the Habbox Hallway.
  • Every Official room has a meaning of its status.
  • At this time, there are 2 different office type rooms.
  • Majority of the rooms are currently owned by current as well as former staff.