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Dates: Christmas (Dec)
Theme: Christmas

Habboxmas is a Habbox event which occurs every Christmas. Habboxmas is one of the seasonal events that Habbox hosts, like the Summer Spectacular.



Overall Winners
Place Winner Prize
1st place E.r.i.c.k! 250c, 3 months VIP, 250 tokens & forum award
2nd place nic01e 150c, 2 months VIP, 150 tokens & forum award
3rd place IAmDaBlack 100c, 1 months VIP, 100 tokens & forum award


Place Winner Prize
1st place TBA TBA
2nd place TBA TBA
3rd place TBA TBA


In December 2022 two teams (Snowman) & (Elves) battled it out to save Santa from the Nutcrackers, this was very similar to Habbox Summer Spectacular but was less demand on the users playing. Users got points for hosting, entering forum competitions and completing department campaigns. It was announced on 8th January 2023 that the Elves saved Santa!

Overall Winners
Winners Prize
Chipmunks 200 Credits
Cameron446: 200 Credits
Hola. 150 Credits
MandyWoon 50 Credits
LeChiongster 300 Credits
,Jamiexo 150 Credits
NattyNatNat 150 Credits
mazealt 50 Credits
raccoona 50 Credits
E.R.I.C.K! 50 Credits
__tbl 50 Credits
Department Campaign Winners
Winners Department Campaign
raccoona The Santa Express
Natty_Nat_Nat Snowy Elves Cabin [Events]
Hola Thin Ice [Comps]
__tbl Sleigh Ride [HxHD]
cameron446: Find Dasher [Forum]
LeChiongster Gingerbread Army
LeChiongster HabboxWiki Happy Hours
E.R.I.C.K! Celebrate Christmas with Habbox [Room Builders]