Habbox Summer Spectacular 2021

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Habbox Summer Spectacular 2021
Since: 2007
Dates: 13 August 2021 - 21 August 2021
Theme: Disney
Previous Year:
Next Year:

On July 18th, the theme of the 2021 Habbox Summer Spectacular was announced[1][2] as Disney - more specifically Disney Heroes vs Villians.

Alongside this, the mascots for each team were announced. With the red teams' mascots being Captain Hook and Mr Incredible, blue team's mascots were Cinderella and Hades. Black team's mascots were Eeyore and Ursula, and finally green team's mascots were Peter Pan and Maleficent. It was also on this date that applications were opened for members of the community to apply for the role of Team Leader.

During the Summer Spectacular Awards ceremony, it was announced that Red Team had won the tournament. Blue Team placed second, Green Team third and Black Team placed fourth.


On August 2nd, members were able to apply for a team of their choosing. As well as this, the Team Leaders for each team was announced as the following[3]:

Team Admin Team Leaders
Blue Team __tbl Natty_Nat_Nat
Green Team ozad ,jamiexo
Red Team FlyingJesus MadameJaquack
Black Team lawrawrrr Ekelektra

Two days before the tournament was due to start, the starting teams were announced via HabboxForum[4]. Although all users on the starting team list pre-registered for their allocated teams, additional users were permitted to join a team throughout the tournament. At the end of the ten days, blue team had a total of 31 players, green had 33 players, black team had 35 players and, finally, red team had 42 players.

Habbox Help Desk

The design of the Habbox Help Desk was altered to reflect the Disney theme of Summer Spectacular, and prominently featured the four team colours. The design for 2021 was based on the Disney Pixar film Up[5].


Department Campaigns

For the tournament, each department management team created a Disney-themed activity for players to participate in. Each campaign was based on a different Disney movie and were created with a set of instructions for completion. At the end of the tournament, random entrants to each department task were drawn and won either a number of points for their team, or 25 Credits. The department campaigns and their winners were as follows:

Department Campaign Winner Prize
Articles High School Musical ,megahao 50 points
The-Dream07 30 points
Reece. 20 points
sirapanda 25c
Competitions Wreck-It Ralph lawrawrrr 50 points
mardytar 30 points
VampireCookies 20 points
IAmDaBlack 25c
Content Design Snow White ,jamiexo 50 points
__tbl 30 points
RazzleMyDazzlee 20 points
LucyFaye 25c
Events Big Hero 6 Ruth-On-Toast 50 points
@-rachel-@ 30 points
Hx.Ben 20 points
Oivind 25c
Forum Wall-E camlow 50 points
The-Dream07 30 points
sirapanda 20 points
@-rachel-@ 25c
Graphics The Lion King mardytar 50 points
LUCPIX 30 points
Ekelektra 20 points
mazealt 25c
HabboxLive Tale As Old As Time ,megahao 50 points
cameron446: 30 points
FlyingJesus 20 points
VampireCookies 25c
Help Desk Finding Nemo nic01e 50 points
FlyingJesus 30 points
Oivind 20 points
Cadigyna 25c
Rare Values Cave of Wonders The-Dream07 50 points
Oivind 30 points
.::.Hurricane.::. 20 points
esscee 25c
Room Builders Disney Filmathon Natty_Nat_Nat 50 points
IAmDaBlack 30 points
Hx.Ben 20 points
jpablom 25c


Tournament Winners

In each on-client event the top three of the round would all win points - the player in first place would receive 5 points, 2nd place would receive 3 points and 3rd place would receive 1 point. Points from on-client events, department campaigns, Forum competitions and on-air HabboxLive competitions were accumulated to determine the winners of the tournament.

Place Team Lead By Points
1st Place Red Team (Mr Incredible vs Captain Hook) MadameJaquack, welshcake and admin FlyingJesus 5827
2nd Place Blue Team (Cinderella vs Hades) Natty_Nat_Nat, Rusted! and admin _tbl 5576
3rd Place Green Team (Peter Pan vs Maleficent) ,jamiexo, LucyFaye and admin ozad 4287
4th Place Black Team (Eeyore vs Ursula) nic01e, Ekelektra and admin lawrawrrr 4256

The top five scorers from each team would receive Credit prizes. The amount of credits received for top scorers varied on where their team placed at the end of the tournament, prizes given were as follows:

Player Place Prize
Red Team
LeChiongster 1st 400c
Chipmunks 2nd 300c
FlyingJesus 3rd 200c
MadameJaquack 4th 100c
MarshMellow94 5th 100c
Blue Team
Oivind 1st 300c
Natty_Nat_Nat 2nd 200c
Hx.Ben 3rd 100c
__tbl 4th 75c
esscee 5th 50c
Green Team
mardytar 1st 200c
IAmDaBlack 2nd 100c
,jamiexo 3rd 75c
LucyFaye 4th 50c
Kier... 5th 25c
Black Team
lawrawrrr 1st 100c
Ekelektra 2nd 75c
nic01e 3rd 50c
Cameron446: 4th 25c
Ruth-On-Toast 5th 10c

Daily Top Scorer

For each day during the tournament, the player would scored the highest amount of points would receive a prize of 100c[6].

Day Player Points
Friday 13 August FlyingJesus and Nic01e 24
Saturday 14 August Hx.Ben 86
Sunday 15 August LeChiongster 62
Monday 16 August Oivind 83
Tuesday 17 August Chipmunks 76
Wednesday 18 August Oivind 120
Thursday 19 August FlyingJesus 83
Friday 20 August Oivind 77
Saturday 21 August LeChiongster 106
Sunday 22 August Oivind 107


On 5th September, approximately one week after the end of the tournament, an award ceremony was held in recognition of those who participated. The following awards were voted for by the community, with voting first being opened on 23rd August. The awards given out in 2021 were as follows[7]:

Best Events Host
Nominee Status
nic01e Won
LucyFaye Nominated
__tbl Nominated
Best DJ
Nominee Status
Ekelektra (DJ Erin) Won
welshcake (DJ Welshcake) Nominated
lawrawrrr (DJ Fire) Nominated
Best Department Campaign
Nominee Status
Room Builders (Disney Filmathon) Nominated
Graphics (The Lion King) Won
Competitions (Wreck-It Ralph) Nominated
Best Team Leader
Nominee Status
lawrawrrr Nominated
,jamiexo Nominated
MadameJaquack Won
Best Team Cheerleader
Nominee Status
Shockwave.2CC Won
,jamiexo Nominated
LucyFaye Nominated
"I Carried the Team"
Nominee Status
LucyFaye Nominated
LeChiongster Won
Oivind Nominated
Luckiest Player
Nominee Status
LeChiongster Nominated
Oivind Won
Hx.Ben Nominated
Unluckiest Player
Nominee Status
FlyingJesus Won
esscee Nominated
Reece. Nominated
Worst Sporting Habbo
Nominee Status
LucyFaye Nominated
Oivind Nominated
Reece. Won
Sorest Loser
Nominee Status
Reece. Nominated
ExtraKen Won
Hx.Ben Nominated
Best Newcomer
Nominee Status
LeChiongster Nominated
MarshMellow94 Won
@-rachel-@ Nominated
Funniest Player
Nominee Status
FlyingJesus Won
welshcake Nominated
Ducklopholiac Nominated
Nicest Player
Nominee Status
LucyFaye Won
E.r.i.c.k! Nominated
IAmDaBlack Nominated
__tbl Won
Best Overall Player
Nominee Status
lawrawrrr Nominated
Oivind Won
LeChiongster Nominated
I Love Points more than my own Mother!
Nominee Status
LeChiongster Won
Oivind Nominated
Hx.Ben Nominated
Best HxSS Outfit
Nominee Status
Ozzinator Nominated
FlyingJesus Won
lawrawrrr Nominated
Worst Queue
Nominee Status
ozad - Step On It Won
ozad - Heads or Tails Nominated
cameron446: - Fridge Game Nominated
Best HxSS Song
Nominee Status
The Pun Song Nominated
U.K. Hun? Nominated
Da Coconut Nut (Malibu Remix) Won
Best HxSS Quote
Nominee Status
Hey you green beans Nominated
Redjects Nominated