Christmas Cracker

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Christmas Cracker

The Habbox Christmas Cracker is an event that occasionally occurs nearer the Christmas period for Habbox, hosted by the HabboxLive department. It took place during December 2010 and saw the return of the event 6 years after the original in 2004, which was run when MissAlice volunteered at Habbox. The Christmas Cracker in 2010, took a different approach whereby Habbox Forum members wanting to join in had to apply and then await their fate until Forum Management at the time decided who would be a part of the event.

10 members of the forum took part in the event overall, and a designated forum designed specifically for the Christmas Cracker was created and this included the tasks that the chosen few had to participate in to win the prizes. All players had to give Habbox Santa their entries to the tasks and this was either by replying to the thread with it or PMing them with answers.

Over the course of the event 11 different tasks were completed, which included 3 winners in each and they gained points depending on their place. Usually, when the tasks were in threads, the members of the forum not participating often joined in by +repping the entries they liked the most, or that were the funniest in some cases. The event ended with a definite 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and it was a race to the top with the final task being a quiz.

After the 2010 version of the Christmas Cracker, it became a recurring idea for Habbox who saw it come in 2011 too. Each time it has been done it has appeared different than other events and to the previous one in its trio.

The top 3 places also received a forum award for the event.


Year Place Winner Points Prize
2010 1st Samanfa 42 points 50 Credits & 3 months HabboxForum VIP
2010 2nd Mr-Trainor 35 points 20 HabboxForum reputation points
2010 3rd Neem 32 points 10 HabboxForum reputation points


The event was held on Saturday 10th of December 2011, at 5:30pm GMT. The two and a half hour show worked off a point system where players could earn points by participating in on-air quizzes, competitions and by playing a mini-game on the client. Before the event started, three people were given the opportunity to earn some early points, on the condition that they have both a Skype account and a clear microphone, by taking part in a pre-recorded quiz that would be played on-air during the event itself.

Year Place Winner Points Prize
2011 1st Bubblegunk 202 points 500 Credits & 2 months HabboxForum VIP
2011 2nd Hannah8110 202 points 100 Credits & 1 month HabboxForum VIP
2011 3rd Dogboy123 200 points A room full of Furni