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Habbox Forum Donator Banner.png
Forum donator rank.

Donating to Habbox either on the forum or on Habbo helps the leadership and General running of Habbox. Donating on the forum would include giving money which will support the pricey server costs, whereas Habbo donations are a little more community based and are used to give as prizes during Habbox events/Competitions. Each donation given to Habbox is deeply appreciated, people are given special luxuries to reward them for their efforts and good will they've given. Habbox Forum Donators are also able to choose from a number of new username colours.

Forum Donation

Forum Donations help keep Habbox up by paying for the costly server. Each donator receives a few gifts in recognition for their efforts to help the site. At certain times of the year, proceeds from donations are used for Charity work - this is when we raise money for charities. When someone makes a donation to Habbox Forum, they would get the following:

  • A warm fuzzy feeling, knowing you've helped us out.
  • An avatar limit of 150x150 pixels
  • A signature limit of 700x300 pixels
  • Ability to edit your user title (no HTML allowed)
  • A different username colour (See below)

Possible Name colours for Forum Donator

Included in the Donation package, also has a username colour change. This means that you'll be able to select one, and your username will be displayed as that colour. The colour themes change as the seasons go by, therefore these options may not always be available.

Habbox VIP (All)

  • Habbox Donator
  • Habbox Donator
  • Habbox Donator
  • Habbox Donator
  • Habbox Donator
  • Habbox Donator

Habbox VIP (Mountains)

  • Habbox Donator

Habbox VIP (Universe)

  • Habbox Donator

HabboxLive VIP

  • HXLVIP.gifHabbox Donator

Habbo Donations

Habbo Donations are also a very important part of the Community, no matter how much or how little you have to give, it all helps. Habbo donations are used for the day to day runnings of Habbox, they're mainly used in resource for giving people prizes in Habbox events, competitions or quests. Once someone has donated to Habbox via Habbo, they are added to a thread on the forum where everyone else can view it and share the glory. You can donate by contacting a member of the Habbox General Management team.


  • Many people have donated to Habbox, you can even personally request items to a particular department.
  • MissAlice was one of many who donated hugely to Habbox. She is currently in the Hall of Fame for her great work.