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The Pixel Art Department, also known as the Alterations Department is an old graphics based department that was open from Habbox's opening until the 5th January 2007. The department's purpose was to have a range of staff create pixel alterations that would be present on the Habbox site including it's dedicated alterations page too. Although its similar to the Habbox Graphics Department, it was a separate one altogether and served a different purpose.

Upon its closure, the department changed to a public usergroup called the Public Pixel Artists group that many users on HabboxForum were a part of - another group of its kind was the IT Crowd. Unfortunately, on the 4th July 2010 the group was removed to make way for new community groups the management at the time would create - these groups never came, but many members remember the old Pixel Artists group.

Over the 3 1/2 year period whereby the department was open it had 4 different managers who sustained the position for a notable time. Also, all the Assistant Alterations Managers went on to become the manager. AndieJohanny was the first to take the role and Mr.Parasols saw the department up until its closure.

Alterations Manager

Role Start Date End Date
Mr.Parasols 07-Nov-2006 05-Jan-2007
Cptn.Kewl 05-Jun-2006 29-Oct-2006
Soyers 02-Dec-2005 28-May-2006
AndieJohanny 17-Nov-2004 02-Dec-2005

Assistant Alterations Manager

Role Start Date End Date
Mr.Parasols 14-Apr-2006 07-Nov-2006
Cptn.Kewl 08-Jan-2006 05-Jun-2006
AndieJohanny 03-Nov-2005 02-Dec-2005


On the 2nd of December 2014, then-Graphics manager Drew, together with the Assistant General Manager in charge of the content side of Habbox, lawrawrrr, brought back the Pixel Artists role, but as a sub-department of the current Graphics department. This sub-department will still be overseen by LUCPIX with the help of the Senior Pixel Artist(s). The new Pixel Artist role will entail creating pieces of pixel art for a variety of Habbox graphic requests, such designing the userbar (and icon) for the newest subscription, creating a unique badge to be used inside Habbo, or altering characters into all kinds of funky positions. There are individual applications for Pixel Artists and Graphics Designer.

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