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Joined habbo: 01-Jan-2009
HxF username: Sloths
Also known as: Sophie
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Forum Manager
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Competitions Management
Help Desk Management

Sloths is a former Habbox Forum Manager. She joined Habbox on the 1st January 2009. During her time at Habbox she took on various roles such as Competitions Staff, Rare Values Staff, Help Desk Staff and HabboxLive DJ. She is the former Competitions Manager at Habbox and worked with Runeaddict99 in ensuring that Habbox users were provided with a variety of competitions with the help of their team. She also worked her way up to Head Rare Values Reporter during her time in the Rare Values department and was the Help Desk Manager along with Empired for a few months.

She resigned from her Competitions Management role on the 15th February 2013 and took a break from Habbox to concentrate on her studies at university. However, after a few month break, she rejoined the Competitions department as a normal staff member during August 2013. She returned in 2017 and quickly got stuck into volunteering for Habbox again, she rejoined the Competitions Department and became the Help Desk Manager. On July the 10th 2018 she resigned as senior competitions staff and left the department. In September 2018 she resigned from Help Desk Management after 1 year and 6 months in the role. She took on the manager role for her third department in November 2018 when she became the newest Forum Manager. In February 2020 she resigned as Forum Manager.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Forum Manager 25-Nov-2018 25-Feb-2020
Forum Super Moderator 04-Sep-2018 25-Nov-2018
Forum Moderator 13-May-2018 04-Sep-2018
Senior Competitions Staff 10-Oct-2017 10-July-2018
Competitions Staff 25-Sep-2017 10-Oct-2017
Help Desk Manager 19-Jun-2017 15-Sep-2018
Senior Graphics Designer 01-Apr-2017 25-Apr-2018
Assistant Help Desk Manager 13-Mar-2017 19-Jun-2017
Competitions Staff 13-Feb-2017 19-Jun-2017
Graphics Designer 13-Feb-2017 01-Apr-2017
Help Desk Manager 18-Nov-2013 05-Mar-2014
Competitions Staff 08-Aug-2013 05-Mar-2014
Help Desk Staff 28-Dec-2012 17-Feb-2012
Competitions Manager 18-Sept-2012 15-Feb-2012
Rare Values Reporter 23-July-2012 19-Aug-2012
Assistant Competitions Manager 31-Mar-2012 18-Sept-2012
Competitions Staff 26-Oct-2011 31-Mar-2012
Head Rare Values Reporter 24-Oct-2011 08-Jan-2012
Senior Help Desk Staff 08-Aug-2011 22-Oct-2012
HabboxLive DJ (Brella) 09-July-2011 13-July-2011
Help Desk Staff 07-May-2011 08-Aug-2011
Expert Rare Values Reporter 01-Apr-2011 24-Oct-2011
Rare Values Reporter 15-Jan-2011 01-Apr-2011

Awards and Nominations

Date Award Result
Jan 2020 Forum Moderator of the Year 2019 Nominated
Aug 2019 Best Outfit - HxSS 2019 Nominated
Jan 2019 Forum Moderator of the Year 2018 Won
Jan 2019 Help Desk Staff of the Year 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Kindest Staff of the Year 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Manager of the Year 2018 Nominated
Jan 2018 Graphic Designer of the Year 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Competitions Staff of the Year 2017 Won
Jan 2018 Manager of the Year 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Most Dedicated Staff Member 2017 Nominated
Jan 2014 Kindest Staff Member 2013 Won
Jan 2014 Most Dedicated Staff Member 2013 Nominated
Jan 2014 Help Desk Staff of the Year 2013 Nominated
Mar 2012 Staff of the Month - Competitions Won
Jan 2013 Competitions Staff Of The Year 2012 Won
Jan 2013 Kindest Staff Of The Year 2012 Nominated
Aug 2012 Best Team Leader - HxSS Nominated
Aug 2012 "I Love Points More Than My Own Mother" - HxSS Nominated
Aug 2012 Green Team Top Scorer - HxSS Won
Dec 2011 Staff of the Month - Competitions Won
Aug 2011 Staff of the Month - Rare Values Won
July 2011 Staff of the Month - Rare Values Won
June 2011 Staff of the Month - Rare Values Won



  • Also known as "The Horn Head"
  • *Pulls Horns*
  • Is married to various members of Habbox staff
  • Adores Disney
  • HxHD Group 2 all the way!
  • Is from the great island of New Zealand!
  • Green team FTW!
  • HxHD King