Habbox Summer Spectacular 2020

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Habbox Summer Spectacular 2020
Since: 2007
Dates: 07 August 2020 - 16 August 2020
Theme: History
Previous Year:
Next Year:

In 2020, the Habbox Summer Spectacular took place between August 7th and August 16th. The theme for this year's competition was History; which saw the four teams' mascots as Vikings, Pirates, Greeks and Cowboys.

The Blue Team were named as the winners of the tournament, while Red Team placed second, Black Team third and Green Team fourth.


On July 19th, the Team Leaders for each of the four teams were announced as the following[1]:

Team Admin Team Leaders
Blue Team __tbl Ruth-On-Toast
Green Team ozad Stealth
Red Team FlyingJesus Ducklopholiac
Black Team lawrawrrr nic01e

A week later, applications for all Summer Spectacular parcitipants to join a team were opened[2]

Habbox Help Desk

A new design of the Habbox Help Desk was created in line with the historical theme of Summer Spectacular, and prominently featured the four team colours. It was designed by the manager and assitant manager at the time, Stealth and Jarkie, as well as Cerys, Oivind and Ozad[3].


Tournament Winners

In each on-client event the top three of the round would all win points - the player in first place would receive 5 points, 2nd place would receive 3 points and 3rd place would receive 1 point. Points from on-client events, department campaigns, Forum competitions and on-air HabboxLive competitions were accumulated to determine the winners of the tournament.

Place Team Lead By
1st Place Blue Team (Vikings) Ruth-On-Toast, Hx.Ben, Jarkie and admin tbl
2nd Place Red Team (Cowboys) Ducklopholiac, Rusted!, YellowBelli and admin FlyingJesus
3rd Place Black Team (Pirates) nic01e, Ekelektra, Cerys and admin lawrawrrr
4th Place Green Team (Greeks) Stealth, ,jamiexo, RichBoiSam and admin ozad

The top five scorers from each team would receive prizes in the form of credits and Forum VIP. The prize the top scorers received varied based on where their team placed at the end of the tournament, prizes given were as follows:

Player Place Prize
Blue Team
Hx.Ben 1st 400c + 3 Months VIP
Natty_Nat_Nat 2nd 300c + 2 Months VIP
__tbl 3rd 200c + 1 Month VIP
IAmDaBlack 4th 100c + 2 Weeks VIP
GoldenOtt 5th 100c + 1 Week VIP
Red Team
Chipmunks 1st 300c + 2 Months VIP
FlyingJesus 2nd 200c + 1 Month VIP
RazzleMyDazzlee 3rd 100c + 2 Week VIP
chieflemona 4th 75c + 1 Week VIP
Ducklopholiac 5th 50c + 1 Week VIP
Black Team
Ekelektra 1st 200c + 1 Month VIP
Cerys 2nd 100c + 2 Week VIP
lawrawrrr 3rd 75c + 2 Week VIP
cameron446: 4th 50c + 1 Week VIP
nic01e 5th 25c + 1 Week VIP
Green Team
,jamiexo 1st 100c + 2 Weeks VIP
LucyFaye 2nd 75c + 2 Weeks VIP
Stealth 3rd 50c + 1 Week VIP
Oivind 4th 25c + 1 Week VIP
Ozad 5th 10c + 1 Week VIP

Daily Top Scorer

For each day during the tournament, the player would scored the highest amount of points would receive a prize of 100c[4].

Day Player
Friday 7 August Natty_Nat_Nat
Saturday 8 August IAmDaBlack
Sunday 9 August Oivind
Monday 10 August Hx.Ben
Tuesday 11 August Hx.Ben
Wednesday 12 August lawrawrrr
Thursday 13 August FlyingJesus
Friday 14 August Natty_Nat_Nat
Saturday 15 August Hx.Ben
Sunday 16 August RazzleMyDazzlee

Top Overall Scorers

The top 10 overall scorers from the competition were awarded a separate prize in the form of HabboxForum tokens. The top 10 scorers were as follows[5]:

Place Player Prize
1 Hx.Ben 1000 Tokens
2 Chipmunks 900 Tokens
3 Natty_Nat_Nat 800 Tokens
4 FlyingJesus 700 Tokens
5 __tbl 600 Tokens
6 Ekelektra 500 Tokens
7 Cerys 400 Tokens
8 IAmDaBlack 300 Tokens
9 ,jamiexo 200 Tokens
10 LucyFaye 100 Tokens


On 28th August, the annual Habbox Summer Spectacular award ceremony was held in recognition of those who participated. The following awards were voted for by the community, with voting first being opened on 28th August. The awards given out in 2020 were as follows[6]:

Best Events Host
Nominee Status
Cerys Won
LucyFaye Nominated
__tbl Nominated
Best DJ
Nominee Status
GetAClue (DJ Clue) Won
Ducklopholiac (DJ Duck) Nominated
lawrawrrr (DJ Fire) Nominated
Best Department Campaign
Nominee Status
HabboxLive (Jungle Run) Won
Competitions (Ancient Chinese Trivia) Won
Values (Tomb Raider) Nominated
Best Team Leader
Nominee Status
,jamiexo Won
__tbl Nominated
Ducklopholiac Nominated
Best Team Cheerleader
Nominee Status
IAmDaBlack Nominated
Rusted! Nominated
someboyrafa Won
"I Carried the Team"
Nominee Status
Chipmunks Won
Hx.Ben Nominated
Natty_Nat_Nat Nominated
Luckiest Player
Nominee Status
Chipmunks Nominated
Natty_Nat_Nat Won
Oivind Nominated
Unluckiest Player
Nominee Status
Cerys Nominated
Kier... Won
ExtraKen Nominated
Worst Sporting Habbo
Nominee Status
Sir.Jorgen Won
Stealth Nominated
Sorest Loser
Nominee Status
Ozad Nominated
Sir.Jorgen Nominated
Stealth Won
Best Newcomer
Nominee Status
Amboru Nominated
chieflemona Won
GoldenOtt Nominated
Funniest Member
Nominee Status
Ducklopholiac Won
FlyingJesus Nominated
IAmDaBlack Nominated
Most Ruthless
Nominee Status
FlyingJesus Nominated
IAmDaBlack Nominated
Stealth Won
Best Overall Player
Nominee Status
Ekelektra Nominated
Hx.Ben Won
Natty_Nat_Nat Nominated
I Love Points more than my own Mother!
Nominee Status
FlyingJesus Nominated
Hx.Ben Won
IAmDaBlack Nominated
Best HxSS Outfit
Nominee Status
Cerys Nominated
FlyingJesus Won
lawrawrrr Nominated
Worst Queue
Nominee Status
Ducklopholiac - Attack Won
FlyingJesus - Don't Get A Maggot Nominated
ozad - Pod Racing Nominated
Best HxSS Song
Nominee Status
"Anything but that ding dong song" Nominated
Fire Saga - Ja Ja Ding Dong Won
Niko B - Who's That What's That Nominated