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Joined habbo: 02-Sep-2009
Originally from: (?)
HxF username: despect
Also known as: James
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): General Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): HabboxLive Management

despect, previously known as JamesOYES, is the former Habbox Assistant General Manager (Community) at Habbox.

He joined Habbox Forum in 2009, shortly after which he became staff at both the Help Desk and HabboxLive departments. He has continued to work for Habbox in the majority of departments over the 4 year period with a few short breaks.

He was first promoted to HabboxLive Assistant Manager, assisting Gems,x in December 2010; he resigned from the position after 3 months. In September 2013, he was once again given the position, following :Markster:'s resignation. despect handed in his second resignation from the HabboxLive Manager role on the 28th May 2014, handing the department over to Yuxin.

In January 2015, he returned to HabboxLive as a Senior DJ and was promoted to Head DJ a month later. In September 2015 he was promoted once again to HabboxLive Management as Assistant HabboxLive Manager, managing the department with Yuxin. Two months later, despect was promoted to HabboxLive Manager alongside Yuxin due to his hard work and dedication to the department. Since Yuxin's resignation in January 2016, despect ran the HabboxLive department himself until King-Tom was appointed as his assistant in December 2016. In 2017, despect was given another promotion to the role of Assistant General Manager (Community), taking over the role from Absently, a position which he held before resigning on 3rd February 2019.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Assistant General Manager (Community) 18-Sep-2017 03-Feb-2019
Forum Super Moderator 23-Dec-2016 31-May-2017
Forum Moderator 23-Nov-2016 23-Dec-2016
HabboxLive Manager 12-Nov-2015 18-Sep-2017
Assistant HabboxLive Manager 21-Sep-2015 12-Nov-2015
HabboxLive Head DJ 24-Feb-2015 23-Mar-2015
HabboxLive Senior DJ 24-Jan-2015 24-Feb-2015
Guest Events Organiser 18-Jan-2015 10-Mar-2015
Senior Help Desk Staff 04-May-2014 28-May-2014
Content Designer 14-Mar-2014 07-Apr-2014
Forum Moderator 04-Mar-2014 14-May-2014
Competitions Staff 03-Dec-2013 21-Jan-2014
Help Desk Staff 02-Dec-2013 10-Jan-2014
HabboxLive Manager 18-Oct-2013 28-May-2014
Assistant HabboxLive Manager (EU) 11-Sep-2013 18-Oct-2013
HabboxLive Head DJ 19-Jun-2013 11-Sep-2013
HabboxLive DJ 10-Jun-2013 19-Jun-2013
Rare Values Reporter 25-Mar-2012 15-Apr-2012
HabboxLive DJ 30-Jan-2012 20-Feb-2012
Help Desk Staff 01-Nov-2011 17-Nov-2011
HabboxLive DJ 19-Oct-2011 28-Nov-2011
Rare Values Reporter 16-Oct-2011 17-Nov-2011
Rare Values Reporter 17-Aug-2011 23-Sep-2011
Help Desk Staff 12-Aug-2011 24-Aug-2011
HabboxLive DJ 24-Jun-2011 27-Jul-2011
Help Desk Staff Unknown 21-Jul-2011
Help Desk Staff 20-Mar-2011 18-May-2011
HabboxLive Head DJ 28-Feb-2011 29-Mar-2011
Assistant HabboxLive Manager 28-Dec-2010 05-Feb-2011
Senior Help Desk Staff 27-Nov-2010 08-Jan-2011
Help Desk Staff 26-Oct-2010 27-Nov-2010
HabboxLive Head DJ 14-Oct-2010 28-Dec-2010
Senior Help Desk Staff 31-Jul-2010 20-Sep-2010
HabboxLive Senior DJ 25-Jul-2010 14-Oct-2010
HabboxLive DJ 02-Jun-2010 25-Jul-2010
HabboxLive Senior DJ 27-Jan-2010 13-Mar-2010
Events Organiser 04-Jan-2010 Unknown
Trialist Forum Moderator 17-Dec-2009 25-Dec-2009
HabboxLive DJ 24-Nov-2009 27-Jan-2010
Senior Help Desk Staff 08-Nov-2009 27-Jul-2010
Events Organizer 23-Oct-2009 29-Nov-2009
Help Desk Staff 24-Sep-2009 08-Nov-2009

Awards and Nominations

Date Award Result
Jan 2019 Kindest Staff of the Year 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Manager of the Year 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Sexiest Member 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Most Helpful Member 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Cleverest Member 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Best Overall Member 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Best Gossiper 2018 Won
Jan 2019 Most Likely to end up in Jail 2018
For public sex with BF
For being drunk in love
Jan 2019 Biggest Troll 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Biggest Flirt 2018 Won
Jan 2018 Forum Moderator of the Year 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 HabboxLive DJ of the Year 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Kindest Staff of the Year 2017 Won
Jan 2018 Manager of the Year 2017 Won
Jan 2018 Most Dedicated Staff Member 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Kindest Member 2017 Won
Jan 2018 Sexiest Member 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Most Helpful Member 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Cleverest Member 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Funniest Member 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Best Overall Member 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Best Gossiper 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Biggest Troll 2017 Nominated
Jan 2018 Biggest Flirt 2017 Won
Jan 2018 Biggest Drama Queen 2017 Nominated
Jan 2017 Best Gossiper 2016 Nominated
Jan 2017 Manager of the Year 2016 Won
Jan 2017 HabboxLive DJ of the Year 2016 Nominated
Jan 2017 Forum Moderator of the Year 2016 Won
Jan 2017 Kindest Staff Member 2016 Won
Jan 2016 Most Dedicated Staff Member 2015 Nominated
Jan 2016 Manager of the Year 2015 Won
Jan 2015 Biggest Shock Resignation/Dismissal 2014 Nominated
Jan 2015 Kindest Staff Member 2014 Nominated
Jan 2015 HabboxLive DJ of the Year 2014 Nominated
Dec 2014 Staff of the Month - HabboxLive Won
Dec 2013 Member of the Month - Feedback Won
Jan 2014 Most Helpful Member 2013 Nominated
Jan 2014 Sexiest Male 2013 Won
Jan 2014 Most Dedicated Staff Member 2013 Nominated
Jan 2014 Manager of the Year 2013 Won
Jan 2014 Best Multitasker 2013 Nominated
Jan 2014 HabboxLive DJ of the Year 2013 Won

HabboxForum Awards

Award Date
HabboxStarz Contestant 2016 14-Jul-2016
2015 Habbox Award Winner 18-Apr-2016
Habbox Take Me Out Participant 2016 14-Feb-2016
Limited Edition VIP (Valentines) 06-Feb-2016
Happy New Year (2016) 02-Jan-2016
Habbox Christmas 2015 04-Dec-2015
Limited Edition V.I.P 16-Feb-2015
Habbox Christmas 2014 08-Dec-2014
Member of The Month 12-Jan-2014
Happy New Year (2014) 02-Jan-2014
1 Year Milestone 03-Dec-2013
2 Year Milestone 03-Dec-2013
3 Year Milestone 03-Dec-2013
4 Year Milestone 03-Dec-2013
1000 Posts 03-Dec-2013
Habbox Christmas 2013 03-Dec-2013
Doctor Who Quiz Award 25-Nov-2013
Limited Edition Donator (Easter) 25-Apr-2013
Habbox Christmas 2010 08-Dec-2010



  • Frequently referred to as 'Jam Jam' and 'Jammy'
  • Celebrated his 1 year anniversary of being Radio Manager in late 2016