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Joined habbo: 08-07-2006
Also known as: Jake
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Assistant General Manager (Rare Values)
Assistant General Manager (Community)
Rare Values Manager
HxHD Manager
International Division Manager

Immenseman also known as Jake or Pokemon first joined Habbox on the 8th July 2006 and over his time had various roles. He fully left Habbox in 2010 due to being banned on his Forum account and not being able to register again. He however, still remains active in the Habbo community under the alias Pokemon.

Immenseman helped shape the Rare Values feature on the main Habbox site with being the manager 3 times and eventually being promoted to Assistant General Manager for both Community and Rare Values. Originally, he was called Murof on the Forum but currently plays under the alias Pokemon. He first began as staff in the Rare Values Department at Habbox in 2006. Today, he holds the record of being the third-longest serving Rare Values Manager (combined) in Habbox history.

Apart from Habbox, Immenseman has also appeared as staff across other Fansites such as HabboForum, a Fansite which was originally owned by an ex staff member, Ludus. Immenseman was the co-owner of the site for a short period of time alongside Smurf.Mad.Kyle but shortly afterwards the site closed down due to various reasons. He also worked at the Fansite HHGS and HFFM before its closure in 2020.

Past Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Rare Values Manager 02-Feb-2009 20-Apr-2009
Head Rare Values Reporter 12-Jan-2009 02-Feb-2009
Assistant General Manager (Community) 15-July-2008 27-Sept-2008
International Division Manager 15-July-2008 04-Apr-2008
Help Desk Team Leader 07-Apr-2008 27-Apr-2008
Assistant General Manager (Rare Values) 02-Apr-2008 15-July-2008
Help Desk Staff 28-Mar-2008 27-Sept-2008
Events Organiser 22-Mar-2008 27-Jan-2008
Habbox Council 30-Jan-2008 02-May-2008
Writer 28-Jan-2008 10-Mar-2008
Forum Moderator 29-Dec-2007 23-Mar-2008
Help Desk Manager 15-Oct-2007 17-Jan-2008
Help Desk Team Leader 30-Sept-2007 15-Oct-2007
Rare Values Manager 30-Sept-2007 15-July-2008
Talkshow Moderator 14-Sept-2007 15-July-2008
Help Desk Super Staff 10-Sept-2007 30-Sept-2007
Help Desk Staff 05-July-2007 10-Sept-2007
Rare Values Manager 18-May-2007 11-Sept-2007
Assistant Rare Values Manager 17-Apr-2007 18-May-2007
Help Desk Team Leader 05-Feb-2007 17-May-2007
Help Desk Super Staff 05-Feb-2007 17-May-2007
Head Rare Values Reporter 21-Jan-2007 17-Apr-2007
Help Desk Mentor 02-Jan-2007 05-Oct-2006
Trade Expert 26-Dec-2006 21-Jan-2007
Forum Moderator 28-Mar-2006 03-Feb-2007
Help Desk Staff 20-Nov-2006 02-Jan-2007
Rare Values Reporter 24-Sept-2006 26-Dec-2006


  • On HFFM forum, Immenseman (now Pokemon) uses the account immense, keeping to his Habbox roots.
  • Replying to a thread on HFFM foum again, Immenseman had noted that sierk, Habbox's owner, was the nicest person he ever met Habbo(x)-wise.