Habbox Summer Spectacular 2023

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Habbox Summer Spectacular 2023
Since: 2007
Dates: 11 August 2023 - 20 August 2023
Theme: Habbox Goes Wild
Previous Year:
Next Year:

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The 17th annual Habbox Summer Spectacular was announced on July 12th, with the tournament due to take place between August 11th and August 20th[1], with the announced theme as Habbox Goes Wild.

Three weeks prior to the tournament starting, on July 21st, team and team leader applications opened and the mascots for each team were announced. Green Teams mascots were the Crocodile and Sloth, Red Teams were Flamingo and Red Panda, Blue Teams being the Narwhal and Butterfly and finally, the Black Teams mascots were the Penguin and Zebra.


On July 21st, members were able to apply for a team of their choosing. The team leaders were announced [2] on the 6th of August

Team Admin Team Leaders
Green Team FlyingJesus Ekelektra and Welshcake
Red Team __tbl Tinkarbell and cameron446:
Blue Team Rusted! .Nat and MadameJaquack
Black Team lawrawrrr and ,jamiexo nic01e

Starting teams were announced on 10th August, one day before the tournament began, via HabboxForum [3].


Department Campaigns

Each Habbox Department created a task related to the "Habbox Goes Wild!" theme for players to complete and earn points from.

Department Campaign
HabboxLive "Dinosaur Park!"
Help Desk "Chicken Run!"
Articles "Kangaroo Court!"
Events "Cheeky Capybaras!"
Competitions "Chipmunkville!"
Room Builders "HxSS Badge Event"
Content Design "Off to the Races!"
Forum "Kite Kittens!"


Tournament Winners

In each on-client event the top three players of each event round would win points. The player in first place would receive 5 points, 2nd place would receive 3 points and 3rd place would receive 1 point. Points could also be won through department campaigns, Forum competitions and on-air HabboxLive competitions. The tournament winners were as follows.

Place Team Lead By Points
1st Place Blue Team (Narwhal and Butterfly) MadameJaquack, .Nat and admin Rusted! 3610
2nd Place Red Team (Red Panda and Flamingo) cameron446:, Tinkarbell and admin __tbl 3558
3rd Place Black Team (Penguin and Panda) nic01e and admins ,jamiexo and lawrawrrr 3478
4th Place Green Team (Crocodile and Sloth) welshcake, Ekelektra and admin FlyingJesus 2790

Daily Top Scorers

As with previous years, it was announced prior to the beginning of the tournament that the top three daily scorers from each team would receive an additional prize. First place for each team on each day would receive an extra 30c, while second place would receive 25c and third would receive 10c.

Day Team Player Points
Saturday 12 August Green Team FlyingJesus 40
Chipmunks 33
Soosan 22
Red Team cameron446: 36
mardytar 26
__tbl 25
Blue Team MadameJaquack 40
Rusted! 36
LeChiongster 23
Black Team Empired 29
Oivind 28
nic01e 25
Sunday 13 August Green Team Chipmunks 49
FlyingJesus 46
Soosan 24
Red Team ChocoPizza 41
__tbl 31
Tinkarbell 26
Blue Team LeChiongster 66
@-rachel-@ 28
.MeryAnn 25
Black Team nic01e 32
LucyFaye 21
Oivind 20
Monday 14 August Green Team FlyingJesus 53
Chipmunks 22
Wsup 17
Red Team React! 26
ChocoPizza 16
elDieguto 15
Blue Team LeChiongster 38
.Nat 36
MadameJaquack 32
Black Team nic01e 29
Empired 28
lawrawrrr 26
Tuesday 15 August Green Team Chipmunks 41
FlyingJesus 35
MarshMellow94 23
Red Team ChocoPizza 35
__tbl 28
cameron446: 26
Blue Team MadameJaquack 73
LeChiongster 34
.Nat 28
Black Team Oivind 33
nic01e 29
,jamie 18
Wednesday 16 August Green Team Chipmunks 29
FlyingJesus 25
MarshMellow94 12
Red Team ChocoPizza 43
__tbl 35
cameron446: 25
Blue Team @-rachel-@ 37
MadameJaquack 33
.Nat 26
Black Team Ozzinator 37
nic01e 32
Oivind 30
Thursday 17 August Green Team FlyingJesus 38
MarshMellow94 22
Chipmunks 21
Red Team cameron446: 36
ChocoPizza 32
Blue Team LeChiongster 44
@-rachel-@ 41
.Nat 30
Black Team lawrawrrr 33
Ivia 24
Oivind 23


A few days following the end of the tournament, voting for the 2023 Habbox Summer Spectacular Awards opened. The Awards ceremony took place on Sunday 3rd September at 8pm BST.

Best Events Host
Nominee Status
ChocoPizza Nominated
Oivind Won
FlyingJesus Nominated
Best DJ
Nominee Status
welshcake (DJ Welshcake) Nominated
Rusted! (DJ Rusted) Nominated
Ekelektra (DJ Erin) Won
Best Team Leader
Nominee Status
MadameJaquack Nominated
__tbl Won
FlyingJesus Nominated
Favourite Event
Nominee Status
Danger Pod Nominated
Hole in the Wall Won
Supermarket Sweep Nominated
Best Campaign
Nominee Status
Badge Event (Room Builders) Nominated
Chipmunkville! (Competitions) Nominated
Cheeky Capybaras! (Events) Won
Best Cheerleader
Nominee Status
.Nat Nominated
Mudita Nominated
__tbl Won
I Carried the Team
Nominee Status
FlyingJesus Won
ChocoPizza Won
LeChiongster Nominated
Luckiest Player
Nominee Status
.Nat Nominated
LeChiongster Won
MadameJaquack Nominated
Unluckiest Player
Nominee Status
Ben= Won
Sorest Loser
Nominee Status
LeChiongster Nominated
Soosan Nominated
ExtraKen Won
Funniest Player
Nominee Status
Empired Nominated
Chipmunks Won
FlyingJesus Nominated
Nicest Player
Nominee Status
__tbl Won
E.r.i.c.k! Nominated
@-rachel-@ Nominated
Best Newcomer
Nominee Status
Embezzlement Nominated
Mudita Won
Ivia Nominated
Best Overall Player
Nominee Status
Chipmunks Nominated
Oivind Won
ChocoPizza Nominated
I <3 Points More Than My Own Mother
Nominee Status
LeChiongster Won
MadameJaquack Nominated
Chipmunks Nominated
Best Outfit
Nominee Status
FlyingJesus Won
nic01e Nominated
lawrawrrr Nominated