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Joined habbo: 20-Mar-2011
HxF username: Garriet
Also known as: Harriet
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Help Desk Management

Garriet, is an English girl whose real name is Harriet. She was previously known in the community as Spongebaaaby-x. and spongebaaby. and she is a Former Help Desk Assistant Manager. She first joined the Forum on the 20th March 2011 and throughout her time has had various roles.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Content Designer 30-Jan-2013 15-Feb-2013
Help Desk Staff 13-Dec-2013 14-Mar-2013
Events Organiser 10-Jun-2012 15-Jul-2012
Assistant Help Desk Manager 10-Mar-2012 13-Jan-2013
News Reporter 15-Oct-2011 05-Dec-2011
Events Organiser 10-Oct-2011 23-Apr-2012
Senior Help Desk Staff 24-Jul-2011 10-Mar-2012
Help Desk Staff 07-May-2011 24-Jul-2011
Events Organiser 24-Apr-2011 09-Jul-2011

Awards and nominations

Year Award Result
Jan 2013 Help Desk Staff of the Year 2012 Nominated
2012 Best Team "Cheerleader" Nominated
Jan 2012 Help Desk Staff of the Year 2011 Won
Aug 2011 Staff of the Month - HxHD Won
2011 I ♥ Points more than my own Mother! Nominated

During Habboxween 2011, she got 2nd place with 115 points, winning 50 Credits, 2 Months HabboxForum VIP, a 2nd place Forum award and a Silver Trophy in Habbo!

Habbox Forum Awards

  • 06-Nov-2012: News Competition Winner - Awarded for winning the fortnightly news competition.
  • 26-Mar-2012: 1 Year Milestone - Awarded for being active on the forum for 1 year.
  • 21-Nov-2011: Habboxween 2011 2nd Place - Awarded as part of Habboxween 2011.
  • 08-May-2011: Habbox Events Award - Awarded to winners of Weekly Events and special promotions.
  • 23-Apr-2011: HabboxForum Bunny Hunt - Awarded for being chosen as one of the random winners that correctly found one of the Easter Bunnies in HabboxForum's Easter Bunny Hunt 2011.