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The Rare Values Weekly series was a weekly article that was published on Habbox.com providing users with informations, predictions and general news on the happenings of the Rare Values Market on the .com Habbo Hotel. The article series was a popular edition to Habbox, enjoying its height of popularity back in 2006 and 2007 which was pre-marketplace.

The article was originally set up in 2006 as a means to have more information published about Rare Values by the Habbox Rare Values Department. -:Undertaker:- wrote the original series which numbered over 10 editions over a period of 10+ weeks. Following his dismissal from Habbox over the events of the Samovar Crisis in 2007, Lost-Shark briefly took the helm of writing the article with a renamed article series when he became Rare Values Manager, but this did not last.

The article series was discontinued for a number of years on Habbox when, in autumn 2013, the series was brought back by the new News Manager Samanfa and was again being written by -:Undertaker:-. The article no longer had the popularity it once had that came with Habbox Rare Values, but it had became a regular staple on the Habbox.com website.

In the second series that was launched in the autumn of 2013, a new feature was added to the article: the Habbox Rare of the Week. The Rare of the Week was chosen on the basis usually of a rise in value or increased popularity, but could be chosen for any reason. The list of all Rares of the Week and Rare Values Weekly editions can be found below.

The series was discontinued in late 2014 after -:Undertaker:-'s resignation from the News department.

Edition Date Published Habbox Rare of the Week
Rare Values Weekly I 24-Oct-2013 Cherry Tree
Rare Values Weekly II 02-Nov-2013 Golden Giant Pillow
Rare Values Weekly III 09-Nov-2013 Army Plasto Chair
Rare Values Weekly IV
(Christmas Edition I)
19-Nov-2013 Snow Patch
Rare Values Weekly V 22-Nov-2013 Red Amber Lamp
Rare Values Weekly VI
(Christmas Edition II)
27-Nov-2013 A Snow Drift & Holly Garland
Rare Values Weekly VII 27-Nov-2013 Golden Elephant
Rare Values Weekly VIII
(Christmas Edition III)
10-Dec-2013 The Santa Butler
Rare Values Weekly IX 17-Dec-2013 Purple Laser Portal
Rare Values Weekly X 03-Jan-2014 Ochre Ice Cream Maker
Rare Values Weekly XI 31-Jan-2014 Throne Of Thorns
Rare Values Weekly XII 10-Feb-2014 Gothic Chair Saffron
Rare Values Weekly XIII 22-Feb-2014 Aqua Ice Cream Maker
Rare Values Weekly XIV 05-Apr-2014 Bronze Trophy
Rare Values Weekly XV 30-Apr-2014 Habbo Cola Machine
Rare Values Weekly XVI 21-June-2014 Holoboy
Rare Values Weekly XVII 05-July-2014 Russian Samovar
Rare Values Weekly XVIII 13-July-2014 Russian Samovar
Rare Values Weekly XIX 21-July-2014 Forest Dragon Lamp
Rare Values Weekly XX 30-Jul-2014 Speaker's Corner
Rare Values Weekly XXI 26-Aug-2014 Red Marquee
Rare Values Weekly XXII 09-Sept-2014 Red Chesterfield Sofa
Rare Values Weekly XXIII
Special Inflation Edition
21-Sept-2014 Credits
Rare Values Weekly XXV 31-Oct-2014 Romantique Clock
Rare Values Weekly XXVIII 06-Dec-2014 Blue Spaceship Door