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Joined habbo: 07-Dec-2014
HxF username: cameron446:
Also known as: Cameron
Habbox Staff
Current role(s): HabboxLive Senior DJ DJ (March 2024 - )
(August 2021 - )
Rare Values Staff (November 2021 - )
Content Designer (August 2021 - )
Guest Events Organiser
(August 2022 - )

Cameron first joined Habbox in August 2015, he has been in multiple departments over the years. He resigned a couple of times due to personal reasons but rejoined Habbox in August 2019, after returning he got back to DJing and within 2 months he was promoted back to Senior DJ. He has helped Ekelektra revamp the wiki with bringing in new templates for staff to use as well as new Nav/Info Boxes. He is very known around the community for all the work he does for Habbox. Cameron resigned from Habbox on the 22nd of July 2021, he rejoined Habbox in August 2021 after having a personal break. He currently works as a Content Designer, Rare Values Staff, Guest Events Organiser and a Senior DJ.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
HabboxLive Senior DJ 02-Mar-2024 Present
Guest Events Organiser 26-Aug-2022 Present
Rare Values Assets Staff 01-Nov-2021 Present
Content Designer 08-Aug-2021 Present
HabboxLive Guest DJ 08-Aug-2021 02-Mar-2024
Competitions Staff 17-Jan-2022 17-Dec-2023
Rare Values Assets Staff 27-Feb-2021 22-July-2021
HabboxLive Audio Production (Voice-Over) 08-Feb-2021 22-July-2021
Competitions Staff 29-Dec-2020 22-July-2021
HabboxLive Senior DJ 19-Oct-2019 22-July-2021
Content Designer 06-Aug-2019 22-July-2021
Competitions Staff 16-Aug-2019 22-Oct-2020
Guest Events Organiser Unknown 22-Oct-2020
HabboxLive DJ 10-Aug-2019 19-Oct-2019
Guest Events Organiser 17-Nov-2018 06-Dec-2018
Content Designer 10-Nov-2018 06-Dec-2018
Recruitment Staff 30-Oct-2018 06-Dec-2018
HabboxLive DJ Unknown 22-Sep-2018
Habbox Ambassador Unknown 22-Sep-2018
Guest Events Organiser Unknown 22-Sep-2018
Trialist Help Desk Staff 29-Jul-2018 14-Aug-2018
Room Builder 06-Jul-2018 Unknown
Competitions Staff 24-May-2018 22-Sep-2018
Content Designer 20-May-2018 22-Sep-2018
Recruitment Staff 20-Jan-2018 27-Feb-2018
HabboxLive DJ 14-Jan-2018 27-Feb-2018
Recruitment Staff Unknown 07-Nov-2017
Graphics Designer Unknown 08-Oct-2017
Room Builder 27-Sep-2017 07-Nov-2017
Articles Writer 23-Sep-2017 08-Oct-2017
Content Designer 23-Sep-2017 07-Nov-2017
Events Organiser 09-Sep-2017 08-Oct-2017
HabboxLive DJ 09-Sep-2017 Unknown
Events Organiser 23-Jul-2017 23-Aug-2017
Guest HabboxLive DJ 04-Jul-2017 23-Aug-2017
Trialist Competitions Staff 22-Jun-2017 Unknown
Help Desk Staff 22-Jun-2017 10-Jul-2017
HabboxLive Senior DJ 14-Apr-2017 04-Jul-2017
HabboxLive Mentor 19-Mar-2017 14-Apr-2017
Events Organiser 06-Feb-2017 Unknown
Help Desk Staff 09-Jan-2017 19-Apr-2017
Content Designer 06-Jan-2017 23-Aug-2017
HabboxLive DJ 03-Jan-2017 19-Mar-2017
Help Desk Staff Unknown 20-Oct-2016
Content Designer 12-Jun-2016 16-Dec-2016
HabboxLive DJ 16-May-2016 16-Dec-2016
Help Desk Staff 05-Jan-2016 25-Apr-2015
HabboxLive DJ 02-Jan-2016 25-Apr-2015
Trialist Events Organiser 28-Aug-2015 04-Sep-2015
Trialist Content Designer 16-Aug-2015 30-Aug-2015
HabboxLive DJ 01-Aug-2015 Unknown

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Result
Jan 2022 Content Designer of the Year Nominated
Jan 2022 Biggest spammer Nominated
Dec 2021 Habbox Christmasoke Contestant 2020 Won
April 2021 Last Man Standing Contestant 2021 Won
Jan 2021 HabboxLive DJ of the Year - 2020 Won
Jan 2021 Biggest spammer - 2020 Won
Jan 2021 Content Designer of the Year - 2020 Nominated
Jan 2021 Most Dedicated Staff Member - 2020 Nominated
Jan 2021 Most Helpful Member - 2020 Nominated
Jan 2021 Most Likely to end up in Jail - 2020 Nominated
Jan 2021 Best Song - 2020 Nominated
Dec 2020 Habbox Christmasoke Contestant 2020 Won
Oct 2020 Staff of the Month Won
June 2020 Last Man Standing Contestant 2020 Won
June 2020 HabboxStarz Contestant 2020 Won
Feb 2020 Staff of the Month Won
Jan 2020 Staff of the Month Won
Jan 2020 Most Likely to end up in Jail - 2019 Nominated
Jan 2020 HabboxLive DJ of the Year - 2019 Won
Sep 2019 Staff of the Month Won
Aug 2019 Staff of the Month Won
Aug 2019 Black Team Top Scorer - HxSS 2019 Won
Aug 2019 Funniest Member - HxSS 2019 Nominated
Aug 2019 I Carried The Team - HxSS 2019 Nominated
Aug 2018 Black Team Top Scorer - HxSS 2018 Won
Aug 2018 Best Competitions Host - HxSS 2018 Nominated
Aug 2018 Best HabboxLive DJ - HxSS 2018 Nominated
Aug 2018 Best Events Organiser - HxSS 2018 Nominated
Aug 2018 Best Team Leader - HxSS 2018 Nominated
Aug 2018 Biggest Moaner - HxSS 2018 Nominated
Aug 2018 Worst Sporting Habbo - HxSS 2018 Nominated
Aug 2018 I ♥ Points more than my own Mother! - HxSS 2018 Nominated
Jan 2018 Most Helpful Member 2017 Nominated
Jan 2017 Staff of the Month Nominated
Jan 2017 Sexiest Member 2016 Nominated
Jan 2017 Biggest Flirt 2016 Nominated
June 2016 HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Host Award Won
Jan 2016 HabboxLive DJ of the Year 2016 Nominated
Aug 2015 Staff of the Month - HabboxLive Won

Forum Awards

Award Date
Habboxmas Snowman 15-Dec-2022
Christmas VIP '22 12-Dec-2022
Habboween VIP 2022 12-Oct-2022
HxSS Heroes VIP 12-Aug-2022
April Fools 2022 01-Apr-2022
Valentines Day 2022 13-Feb-2022
Most Likes 10-Nov-2021
Top Debater 07-Nov-2021
HxSS Black Team 12-Aug-2021
6 Year Milestone 29-Jul-2021
Habbox 18th VIP 26-Jun-2021
HabboxStarz Award 2021 13-Jun-2021
Pride Award 2021 06-Jun-2021
Eurovision Sweepstakes 2021! 21-May-2021
5 Year Milestone 22-Jan-2021
2020 Habbox Awards winner 16-Jan-2021
I made it through 2020! 02-Jan-2021
Forum Updates Award 22-Apr-2020
1000 Posts 01-Mar-2020
Habbox Wiki Top Contributor 28-Feb-2020
4 Year Milestone 26-Oct-2019
HxSS 2019 - First place 17-Nov-2019
3 Year Milestone 20-Sept-2018
Habboxween 2019! 12-Nov-2018
Happy 13th birthday 06-July-2017
2 Year Milestone 29-Sept-2017
1 Year Milestone 04-Aug-2016
Staff of the Month 03-Sept-2015
Habbo UK 12-Sept-2015
Habbox Twitter 12-Sept-2015
Official Habbox Habbo Group 12-Sept-2015
Habbox Donator 23-Oct-2015


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